Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Dear Mom and Dad!

It was nice to hear from you guys! Sounds like things are going pretty good at home. I'm glad that makes me happy. Dad I really liked your story that you shared about your running and stuff. That was really cool and it made me think a lot. But don't feel bad about being a bit out of shape because I feel the exact same. ha I'm gonna be so out of shape by the time I get home!! ha ha Hopefully not to bad though!

Anz Bushman is a boss. We get along really well and there aren't any problems so far and I don't think there ever will be! Except we have a chess battle going on and right now I'm up 10 games!! Dude I'm a beast at chess it's fun! ha ha I feel like a nerd. I've gotten so good at it! ha ha But besides that all is chill!

Sorry I'm not super descriptive in emails and stuff. I try to keep the confidence and privacy of the investigators as well. But things with Luca are great. He accepted the big commandments thankfully. Ya he is Italian so of course there are some things that he needs to change a bit but he is trying and he is going to succeed! With Jesus everything is possible and anyone can change! He is really cool though! and our other investigators are doing really well too. Eddy is turning out to be a baller as well. We had such an amazing spiritual lesson with him. And we finally taught him and his wife together. It was so good.

The grilliata (bbq) was amazing. The ward members really love me now!!! ha ha But ya' there were a ton of investigators there and all the members were awesome. It was just a great night. We got home pretty late but it was worth it!

Yes I got your package! Anz Dunshee picked it up for me when he went to Milan. He's a boss too ;) ha ha

I know this one is super short and I'm super sorry!!! We are in Bologna and we gotta' go catch a bus and what not! I'm really sorry! I promise next week will be better! I love you guys so so much! :) have such a great week!!!
vi voglio bene!!!!!!

Love Anziano Bona

PS... you'll be getting pictures soon don't worry!!! ha ha

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