Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Dear Mom and Dad,

Sounds like things are going well at home. As always that makes me so happy! It's still pretty hot over here but "piano piano" it's calming down a bit. I can't believe that next summer I will be able to swim and to talk to girls and see movies and be "normal!" It's going to be weird! I am going to miss Italy though.
What a heck? My friend Downing is home form his mission!?!!?!??! That is awesome! Man I love that kid! You need to tell him I said good work sharing the Gospel in Cali!!! Good for Brandon too. That makes me happy. WOW.... sports are starting up again!!! I miss it so much but it's OK you guys are going to keep me updated a lot! Sounds like there are a lot of great games that are going to happen! Also Bruce is going to be a daddy!!! Holy cow that is weird! ha But good for him! Tell him I say auguri!!! (Congrats)
It sounds like you guys had a great ward conference. That's awesome! And the Grandview celebration sounds so epic. 4000 people?! That's kinda a lot! I miss things like that! Man ...the church is awesome! Take pics and send me some cool stuff! I'm bummed that my camera is out of service for a bit! It especially sucks  because Monday I did a scambio with Anz Shuern (who is a stud) in Pisa! I saw the leaning tower and in the evening we went all the way to the top and looked over the whole city! It was so cool. Unfortunately I couldn't take pics :( I will have to do it again! Don't worry I will and I will make sure to get some good ones! is great that you are gonna read the BoM in Italian. I will be honest.. I've never read it in Italian all the way through. I got to the middle of Alma but it just wasn't the same! I couldn't get as much out of it because it was harder in Italian! I was a pansy so I switched back to English. In my personal studyIi just read the first 5 chapters of 3rd Nephi. That's where I am. I love 3rd Nephi. I'm just trying to get to the part where Jesus comes and teaches the Nephites. That's one of my favorite parts. He teaches his gospel so simply and powerfully. There are a lot of things to learn from it. It starts at 3rd Nephi 11 so I should get there in the next couple of days!
Things here are going pretty well. Dad, I liked your story of the cucumber and the pickle... and it kinda had to do with our week a little bit! Things overall went really well. There is a huge goal all over the mission to teach 20 lessons weekly (which isn't impossible for our mission but it's definitely something you gotta work for). We were able to reach it again for the second week in a row. The first week we got 27 lessons taught then this past week we got 20. So we are working pretty hard and we are seeing miracles.
For example we met these 2 Nigerian brothers named Victor and Ige. Victor went to our church in Nigeria for a year but was never baptized. They have been here in Italy for 2 weeks now. They came to church last Sunday and it was great! The only thing is that they don't speak Italian yet but they are working on it! We are also teaching Luis. He only speaks Spanish so those lessons are always fun! He is a Jehovah Witness but he is so open to us...that is crazy ...coming from a JW. Carlos is an investigator who is ready to be baptized and is super bravo! I love him. He just can't get baptized until he marries the member he is living with. It's a long complicated story but he should get baptized by December..... ya I know it's super far away, but he is awesome! Finally we have Diana who is also awesome. Everyone here speaks Spanish so it's something I'm trying to pick up!
All was going good until yesterday because Anz Winward lost his wallet with all his credit cards, permesso (legal document to reside in the city)... just pretty much everything, so he is kinda down today. Hopefully we can get it all worked out soon. I'm going to be paying for all the stuff now these days. Hopefully I won't have to go on my personal account to much! I' ll do my best not to, and I will be careful! Shoot an extra prayer out for Anz Winward that all will go well! He is a good kid! Thanks!!
As you can see there are always trials right after things go perfect...but that's when we need to show our faith and just battle through it! It's not easy but it is for our growth and our good!
I love you guys so much and miss you tons! Saturday the 4th quarter starts!!! ha ha only 6 months left starting Saturday! Super crazy!!! ha ha Don't get too trunky mom! ;)
Take care and have a great week! Can't wait to hear from you guys next week!
Anziano Bona
PS...Don't worry I will forever be a Juve fan....I will explain the Milan shirt another time.
Letter to Brian:
Hey Brian!
I am glad you like Middle school bro! That is so awesome! I am glad you have friends in your classes and I know you will just continue to make more and more friends! Mr. Smith is great! Icyman comics were the best!
Some peopleat school think they are so cool....and they swear and do bad things. It is not true though....they are not cool at all. You just need to keep being a good example for them! You know what is right because you are a good kid! Keep up the good work at school! God loves you and I love you too! Have such a fantastic week...I love you!
Love Anziano Bona

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