Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Dear mom and dad,
Thanks for your emails this week!
It was a good week. We had district conference and yup I got to sit by Alli with my companion so it was cool to see her again. Don't know if it will happen again, we will just see, with the possible transfers.
Conference was awesome. Elder Lopez of the Seventy was there and spoke Saturday and Sunday. His talks were all really good and I translated some but not a ton because Anz Winward helped me translate for Victor so it was cool. Last Saturday was Anz Free's birthday as well. The conference that day was in Livorno, the city were he is serving so we went there, attended conference and to chill with him on his birthday. After the conference we went to a member's house with Anz Free. The members were awesome and crazy. They are south American people who are so chill. They made us super good food and we got to play Wii with them. We played the funniest game that you guys need to get! It's the Michael Jackson game for the Wii. You dance to it and it's just so fun!!! ha ha I wish I  had my camera! As you can see we had a nice time. Then Sunday we had the Conference in Firenze. It was really good. Monday was a great day too. We had our interviews with President Wolfgramm. He is so inspired and such a great man! He really is called of God to lead and guide our mission! My interview with him went so well. I love that man... he is great!
By the way, I got both of my packages! Thank you so so much for everything in them! Much needed!!!
After all that, Anz Free and I started our scambio. We got home around 9 on Monday evening so we just went straight to bed. Yesterday we had a fantastic day! We had a super bomb lesson with Louis, our new investigator and we set a baptismal date with him! :) it's for the 27th of November. Keep praying for him! We just taught him about baptism and read 2 Nephi 31 with him and it all went well!
The only negative thing is that the second we finished the lesson and got out it started flooding, literally!!! It was crazy! The water was at our shins! You know what that means? Yes... our clothes got owned!!!!! ha ha We ran home and we were just laughing the whole time cause we knew we were soaked!!! We just stayed in after that because it was crazy out there!!! Today it's better and it's sunny and a decent nice day!! I don't know how that works out but it just kinda does!!!
It is great that you saw some of my friends at Magelbys fresh! That place is so so yummy! I miss their french toast!! Next time you see any of them let them know I say hi!
So...a new ward or changes...huh? It is going to be way interesting.... hmm... I hope we get some cool people in our ward but I'm so glad that we are staying in it cause I love them tons!
We have another baptism this week! Nicolo is getting in there! We are so happy! He is awesome! :) It's always a good week when someone is getting baptized!!!
Just as FYI I've spent a lot of personal money the last few days.... sorry :( because we had so much traveling we had to do this past weekend. Unfortunately my comp also got his credit card eaten so I had to pay for him too.... .. ugh. oh well it happens! Sorry about that, I hope it is OK, We should be getting money again soon.
Well overall things are still going OK. I think I'm staying for another one month here and that Anz Winward is moving to another city. (but who knows?) I will let you know next week! Well I love you guys tons! Thanks so much for everything!! You guys really are the best!!! take care let me know how things go!!!!
vi voglio bene
Anziano Bona

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