Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Dear Mom and Dad!

How are you guys doing? Sounds like you guys are doing well. This is a quick email because of transfers: to answer your question mom, Alessandra Po is Andrea's mom!! She is so awesome. She is less active at the moment.... because they got some family stuff going on, but they are one of my favorite families here in La Spezia.

Speaking of La Spezia there is going be a change. My companion is out. He is going to Merate (close to Venice) and I'm getting a new companion!!! His name is Anziano Angel. I have no idea who he is because I've never met him!!!! He is going into his 3rd transfer so he is young, so... I guess we will see how he his!!!! I will let you know more next week!

Nicolo' is awesome. His baptism was awesome! Then after the ceremony, we went to his birthday party!!! Man it was fun! Nicolo' is so bravo and his family is amazing! They also had a Halloween party last night! Man it was fun! There was like a haunted house in the church and people came and we just ate and had fun! I do love La Spezia.... I have come to love it tons! The young people here are so chill! The members have just accepted us and it's been nice!

Now the work is kinda slowing which means we got a lot of finding work ahead of us and with my new companion I know it will all be ok! I really don't have much to say today! I'm super super busy! We are at Andrea's house and I'm just on his computer quickly doing emails but I will write much more next week, I promise.

Dad, thanks for the great email you sent me, as always! Tell everyone hi for me!! :) I love you guys tons!!!! have a great week!

Love Anziano Bona

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