Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Dear Mom and Dad
How are you guys doing?! I hope and pray every day that all is going well at home! Things here are good and back to normal. Saturday evening we were able to move back into our apartment. Man.... it was so nice to be home! To be honest, I'm not the biggest fan of Pisa.... especially the apartment! It's so schifo! They need to clean up a lot better! Ours is pretty nice now that the worker came over and fixed it up a bit.
Last Saturday was pretty cool. We went to Cinqueterre for a bit and met up with Alli and her girls. It was so so fun and it was so nice to see someone from home. It didn't make me trunkier... I promise! It was just so nice! :) Alli is so nice ...she is a great friend! We did have a blast. We ate lunch and took pics and went on a boat from Monterossa to Riomaggiore. So all went really well there.
Sunday was kinda busy because I had to translate for the whole meeting at the pulpit! Our branch president called me up right after he was done so I was the first one up there before I started translating I gave my testimony. It went well! It was such a fun weekend! I am not gonna lie I kinda needed it! This week has started off to a good start too!
Um.... let me think.... oh ya! Yupp Victor's baptism is still on for this weekend! We are so stoked about that! He is so bravo. I love Africans :) I'm so going to Africa one day! Nicolo' is still on track for his baptism too. His interview is next Monday I think... but all should be OK there too! Pray for this brother named Luis! He is from Santo Domingo who is nice and he is really interested too.Thanks :) 
P-day today was great too. We went to Siena! Andrea Mannucci came with us! (our 20 year old friend who is preparing for a mission!!). We hung out with Anz Bushman and Lehnardt and Alli came again too! ha ha It was cool seeing her again too! We had good times. We saw the Centro and the Duomo, so yes it was a good day here too. Overall things are going good. I just miss being home too. I feel like I've already done a lot but I know that there is still a bit more I need to do and learn.
Brian sounds exactly like me!!! ha ha that's so funny. Just do your best and try to understand him. I probably won't be much help because I'm still not perfect but I am sure that having to be an example for him is something that I think will keep me on the straight and narrow when I get back home. I know how it is growing up not being strong in the Church. I don't want that for him. Just love him :) You guys really are great parents! Just keep doing your thing! Don't worry I will be home before you know it but in the mean time I want to keep baptizing and having fun out here! I guess I  just think I need to tighten up and be a bit stricter..... sometimes I just feel like I'm slipping on a few things so I need to find the balance of fun and work!
The rest is really good here. The days are kinda long but at the same time they just fly by.... it's weird! Well I love you guys ton. Thanks for all you do for me and Brian. Thanks for your support. Being a missionary is awesome! I just wanted to let you guys know that! I will do my best to be extra obedient this next week! I love you guys have a great week!!! :)
Love Anziano Bona

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