Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Dear Mom and Dad,

I'm so so glad you guys had an amazing conference weekend! That makes me so happy! I loved it as well!

Sad to say I have to keep this email pretty short... :( we have had a freakin crazy pday. It hasn't been that fun and Anziano Winward and I are really tired. ha ha This morning at 730 AM we got a call from the assistants telling us we had to be out of our apartment by 1:30 PM  because some dude was coming to fix our apartment cause it really needs some help!. He also said that we would be living in Pisa for the next couple days which could possibly lead into weeks. ha! Hopefully not though! We weren't to happy about it cause it totally ruined a ton of plans we had for this week. We are just kinda frustrated. We are going be able to go to La Spezia during the day but we gotta be back in Pisa to sleep. Ya kinda sucks to be us right now!!! ha ha but its OK we will make the best of it!

Right now its like 7:30pm and we are in Pisa and we are so so dead! We had to clean up so much crap in our apartment and pack, etc! And guess what? The dude actually came earlier around 11:30 so we weren't ready for him.... ya kinda not good!! ha

But besides today everything has been really sick!!! ha ha Conference was awesome! I loved all of it. I saw 1/2 of the priesthood session and it was in Italian. And I missed the last Sunday session. But I saw the rest all in English. It was really good. Something that kinda stood out was that they talked about the Book of Mormon a lot! Man that book is great.... like for real!!!

I'll share a quick little miracle before I close up here! So I did a scambio with Anziano Free in Livorno on Monday. We were supposed to go see this lady that they found a couple days before but there was a problem. Anz Free lost his agenda where he had the number and where it was, so we didnt know either of those and he couldn't remember where it was! So basically we were in big trouble!!!!.So we just went straight up went to heaven and prayed and asked for help 'cause we really wanted to help this lady out.... so then we got on our bikes and bounced. We ended up in an area and Anz Free said this felt right. Then we went down this street and we both felt like we should get off here. And free said he vaguely remembered this place so it was possible that it was right. Finally we decided that we needed to start ringing to start talking to people. I told free to do the first couple and just ask for Lisa (that's the lady's name) and just see if it's her. The first one he rings..... he asks for Lisa and its her!!!!! It was so amazing! We were literally guided to that place. So to make a long story even shorter we went in there and taught a ballin' lesson and now she loves the church. We taught the restoration and it was amazing.. This work has been great. It is pretty fun! ha ha just rough sometimes but I love it!

Sorry I really don't got a lot of time! eEerything here is really well and now we are just gonna make the best of our situation!!! Pray for us!!! I love you guys so so much! Have a great week!

Love Anziano Bona

PS.... ya if all turns out well I should see Alli this weekend! :)
Tell Brian sorry I don't got time!!! :( ill right him next week! love you guys!! I love you Brian!!!

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