Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Dear Mom and Dad,

How are you guys doing?! Sounds like things are going pretty well! I'm really glad. I'm happy that you guys got the pics and I'm glad you enjoyed them! ha ha It had been a while! Ya Cinqueterra is so legit. Peccato that the flood jacked it up for a while. One day it'll be back to normal though. Dude, dad I loved the story that you shared. Freak Lion King is so deep! I love it! It's true. we need to always remember who we are and what we stand for ;)

So this last week was pretty dang good. Anz Angel is a really good kid! I like him a lot! We laugh and get along great! We do good work too. But of course there is room for improvement. There always is. So ya Friday we went to the district leader training meeting. Yup my comp came with me!!! Man it was really cool. We learned a lot of neat stuff and we always leave those things spiritually on fire! It was just a bit different cause normally we talk about helping investigators and stuff but this time we talked about helping other missionaries. It was really good.

Monday I had my scambio with Justin! aka Anziano Barnes! ha ha Man that kid is a freakin machine! He is a perfect example of perfect faith!!! And perfect faith= no fear!!!! And that is something he has. We had a really cool lesson with Luis. We felt like we taught him pretty well but with the language barrier (he only speaks Spanish) it's kinda hard to know if he's totally understanding and stuff! We did have a cool miracle though. We asked him for referrals and if there were other people who he wanted us to teach and he gave us a few and one of them was his brother in-law. And right then the brother in law walked in the house and we taught him right there with his wife and right then and they said they would get baptized if they get an answer from God saying the BoM is true. So we will see! We got more potentials. ha ha, and Anz Angel and Anz Heninger found new people too. So overall it was a very successful day!

Yesterday was sick too. We had a training meeting in Modena. Basically like a zone conf type thing. It was sooooo good, and after lunch President Wolfgramm had us watch a movie, its called 17 Miracles. I would love for you guys to watch it too. It's really powerful. The reason we watched it is 'cause we were talking about visions and our goals and how it's all about the process of reaching our goals. That's where we grow. Reaching it is important but if we don't grow in the process its pretty much for nothing. But this movie is so powerful. You can just look it up on google and you'll find it. It's only like an hour long. It's really good.

Tomorrow we are going to the military base in Pisa. Our whole zone got invited to go there and to play in a turkey bowl and then eat lunch with them!!!! We are so stoked!!! It's game time :) ha ha so that's gonna be sick.

But all is going well! Luis will probably have to get his date moved back. But that's OK he is still awesome. We just gotta make sure the people are ready before we baptize them. Everyone has their own time. But it's all going well!

I love the holiday season! ha ha its getting a bit cold but it's OK! ha ha it's not as cold as last year thank heavens! ha ha

I love you guys tons! Have a great week!!!! and mom........ HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I LOVE YOU SOOOOO FREAKIN MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HA HA I get to talk you in like a month and 9 days! :) ha ha Have such a good day! Dad get mom something nice k!?!?! ha ha Later guys hear from you guys next week! ciao ciao!!

love anziano bona

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