Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


P-day started with going to Cinqueterre
Anziano Bona had the opportunity to go there one last time.
Little did he, or anyone else know, that a few weeks later 
there would be major flooding in this part of Italy
and several of these towns have been destroyed.
Hopefully wiith time they will be rebuilt. 

Bona and Winward

Good friend, Alli, from high school.
She is doing study abroad in Italy this semester!

2 days worth of 5 o'clock shadows...
that is what happens when you have sensitive skin

Another p-day spent in Pisa with the elders from there.

Bushman, Bona, Lenhardt, Andrea Manucci, and Winward

Victor's baptism

Bona, Nicolo, and Winward

Gianelli and Nicolo

Anz Angel, new companion

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Michelle said...

Thanks for posting these great photos, Judi. And many thanks to Anz. Bona for befriending my son.