Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Dear Mom and Dad,

How are you guys doing?
Wow that is so weird that stake conference was like that at home. I guess that's how it's gonna be from now on? If that is the case that's cool!

Mom you are right ....chapter 6 in Preach My Gospel is really good. Christlike attributes are so important and it's true it is something that we need to be doing our entire life! Sadly to say I don't think I will be knocking doors and teaching about the Gospel every day like I do here, but for the rest of my life I want to be more like Christ!

Dad you are very right, the scriptures are so important and we can really get so much out of them. Personally I want to finish the Book of Mormon 1 more time too before I get home, but I have ways to go. I'm just starting 2nd Nephi so we will see how that goes!

This past week had its ups and downs, kinda like every week...ha ha! The down part was that Anz Angel wasn't feeling good and kinda' got me sick too! We haven't been feeling too hot lately but now we feel better! It is just hard to be super motivated when you don't feel to good! We are still trying to do our best though! A positive thing was seeing Andrea again! He is super legit! It is great that you talked to his mom via Facebook! She is awesome! :) The interview with Pres Wolfgram went well. Now he is just "playing" the waiting game! Hopefully it comes while I'm still here! (Andrea is a member who is now waiting for his mission call.) The wedding was super cool! I saw some members from San Remo and that was super fun!

To be honest, I am praying that I stay here in La Spezia.... not gonna lie I would be disappointed to leave right now, but if it's what the Lord wants then I will do it! ha ha Hopefully the Lord's will and my will will be the same!!!!! I will let you know next week....

so ya Christmas is coming up soon. .... About the phone call.... it's hard to say exact times because I don't know where I'm gonna be! If I'm here I will probably call around 6 pm time here. How does that sound for you guys? Let me know what you think. Maybe around 430ish if that works better for you guys. Let me know!!!!

Mom I didn't know you are havingsurgery! What the heck? Well good luck! I will definitely give you some shout outs in my prayers!

The weather here is pretty nice most days. Sometimes it's a bit cloudy and rains a bit, but most days it's clear skies and just super pretty! A bit chilly at nights but that's normal because we are in December after all! Other than this, nothing much else to report on...

Well I love you guys tons. I'm stoked to hear from you guys soon! Have a great week! vi voglio bene!!!

Love Anziano Bona

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