Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Dear mom and Dad,
Sorry I didn't write yesterday. You guys should know by now that if I don't write there is always a reason why! ha No need to worry! My birthday went really well thanks! Birthdays here in the mission are just like any other day! I went to church and later Anziano Duque made some dinner for me and then some people came and brought me a cake! It was nice! Dinner with Dan was great. Man... Dan is super chill! It was a Mexican place but we all ended up getting steak and shrimp! Soooooo good.
Yesterday we had a zone conference and a member of the 70's came and spoke to us. Man it was  good. Such a great spirit and it's awesome to hear from our inspired leaders about how we can improve. Mom you are right though to stay focused.... we are super busy today..... we gotta do a lot of running around for Anziano Duque and it will probably be the same next week. I'm sorry I gotta keep this way short but I wanted to tell you Happy Anniversary !!! I love you guys tons !! 22 years down and 1 zillion more to least!!
I love you again,
your son Robert...have a great week!

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