Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Dear Mom and Dad,
 No worries about the combined email, it's less to read which saves me time and it's what I try to do each and every week so it's all good! Sounds like you guys had a solid week. Man I miss Tucanos and stuff like that! Not gonna lie I'm looking forward to it! :)
Thanks for getting me all the info for school and... ugh I can tell it's gonna be a pain! Real life is coming soon! One of the negative things of coming home from a mission ...a .mission is pretty care free! We have to deal with saving souls which is super important but when it comes to worldly stuff, we are pretty much taken care of and we do not have many problems, ha ha... oh well. I will start thinking about that stuff. For sure I will pray and fast. How soon do you guys need the answer of what I want to do, so you can contact the advisor? Let me know, and don't worry I will stay focused and worry about the now and not too much about the future. Saving lives is still my main focus especially during the last 30+ days of my mission.
It's been a crazy week with Anziano Duque getting ready to go home. Visiting a lot of members and last second running around! I have come to love Anziano Duque so much!!!!! For real, he is a great friend. I think we've helped each other out a lot. I have to say that a lot of people kinda questioned President when everyone found out we were going to be together as companions because I'm in my last month and 1/2 of the mission and he has a few weeks left. People thought we would be "too relaxed" but it really was for a reason and we have both grown and learned from one another. He is someone I for sure hope to see again one day.
Today for pday the Maughans took us and the missionaries from Padova (Anz. Free and Anz. Lenhardt) to the American base for breakfast. Then we played bowling and then for lunch we ate Taco Bell and had a chance to even watch sports center for a moment!!! Man it was awesome! Do you want to know one of the best parts... free refills on drinks! That doesn't exist here in Italy but it did on the base because it's like America :) ha ha and later tonight they are coming to pick us up and we are going back to the base to watch the American branch play some b-ball because Anz. Duque needs to say goodbye to some of those members too. I'm gonna miss him tons! I have to say it's been a good transfer, of course with its ups and downs but I can say I've learned some really good lessons and it's been awesome.
That being said.... yes I know who my next comp is.... his name is Anziano Portellano! He is french, straight up from France!!! ha ha He's been on his mission about a year now. He is a really good friend. I always see him at zone conf and we have gotten along great. He is kinda short and cooks like a king! We are going to get along really well! I'm stoked! He is going to be the one "killing me". For my last 5 weeks I'm going to have to keep us working hard! ha ha hopefully I'm up for it! Oh guess who our new AP is..... Anziano Justin Barnes! He's gonna do great. He literally is the perfect missionary, and will do a great job!  I'm excited to be with Portellano. It's gonna be a good experience. And I know that all companionship's a for a good reason and we will learn a lot, together!
FYI I wish you guys could see my hair right now!!! It's so... Italian style ha ha probably not the most appropriate thing ever though so I think I'm going to cut it. I don't think I'm gonna be able to grow it out until the end of my mission like I wanted to! I just wanted to let you know that I am  growing out my hair style like this after the mission!!! ha ha
So really quick before I end the email, our little miracle for this week is that Evans had a meeting with a judge and they are letting him off house arrest so he is gonna be able to come to church! He is free as of Feb 13th. We've been praying for this all transfer. That's the good news! The bad news is, that he is still having some family challenges (I don't want to go in detail). Some prayers for them would be nice. Put their names on the prayer roll in the temple because that would be good..... thanks! you can see I am good! I am loving it out here but at the same time I can feel it is starting to come to an end. Don't take that the wrong way!!!! It is sad to think mission is about to end. I hope you guys have a great week! Thanks for the info about school again! I will "piano piano" start thinking about it....
I love you guys tons! have a great week! Looking forward to hear from you guys soon!!!
Love Anziano Bona
PS... am i gonna be able to see any of Brian's bball games or am i gonna miss all of them, and yes ...that is the apartment place where i live! we live on "piano terra". It's a kinda small apartment but really nice inside! And...I slept like a baby didn't even feel the earthquakes last night! ha ha!

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