Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Dear Mom and Dad,
Once again things seems good back home. Just same old Provo ha ha. Ya if Bishop Chipman wants to call he is free to call whenever. I'll answer as long we aren't in a lesson. He is so lucky to get to come here and have a nice little vacation. Italy is so freakin awesome!!!

So of course I remember Anz Wilkinson! I love that kid he is so funny and is such a great kid. For sure tell him if he's in Utah to totally give me a call! I'd love that!

Claudia told me that she talked to you guys and added me on facebook ha ya her and Vanessa (two English class students) are from Messina! Small world huh? She is so cool! Italians are just so funny! Their humor is just very particular! I love it! We went bowling with them two and Davide (another English student) on Saturday! (for an activity) It was so fun. Before that we had lunch with the Matteazzi family. They normally feed us every Saturday for lunch. Man they freakin feed us like kings!!!I love how here there is primo piato, secondo piato and then even sometimes terzo piato and then dessert and then after that fruit! ha ha I love it! You eat so freakin much!!! I love it but hate it cause afterwards you just feel like you wanna sleep for forever! ha ha

Things this past week went pretty good. Fabiola came to sacrament meeting and it was so good. All of the testimonies were pretty much exactly what she needed to hear. And of course it's the same stuff we've been saying forever but it's really nice for investigators to hear it from normal members instead of always hearing it from the weird missionaries! ha ha 

We've been working with quite a few less actives lately and it was good cause a couple of them came to church! So church was nice. Anz Duque taught priesthood and it was really good. He didn't prepare because he forgot (ha ha classic Duque) but he winged it and it went so well. The lesson was vivere cio in cui crediamo (live what we believe). It was really good and just made me think a lot ya know. We really do need to be living all of the things we believe! It was just one of those things that hit ya sometime ya know? ha ha
But things here are going OK. Ya Duque is almost done. ha You can tell his tank is running on low sometimes ha ha but we are still doing our best. We actually finally got a really good week set up so I'm stoked to see what happens.

Dad your little story thing was hecka funny. Such a classic grandpa joke ha ha I loved it thanks. But hey that's what you get if you drink! ha ha You see the commandments really do protect us! It was a good story.

But speaking about being able to drink and what not... I'll be turing 21 so now I totally can!!! ha ha JK! ;) Actually here in Italy as long as you got the money to pay for the drink you can have it! so sad!!!

It stinks my birthday is on Sunday so we really can't go out and get anything! ha But we will probably do something Saturday. We will see! Actually Dan is gonna take us out to this really yummy Mexican restaurant on Monday night for my birthday so thatll be nice! They say it's got legit Mexican food and I miss Mexican food tons so that should be fun! Dan is one of the members from the American branch who is such a stud.

We talked to the ward mission leader of the American branch and we are gonna start working with them and stuff now too so that'll be good! I'm excited! There is a lot of potential here in Vicenza! But ya overall things are good.

I'm having a great time with Anziano Duque. I have loved reading the BoM with him. It's been a really neat experience for both of us. Kinda a long story but it's just been cool.

Thanks for everything! Thanks for all the birthday wishes and what not! I hope you guys have a great week! Hear from you guys next week!
vi voglio bene
love anziano bona

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