Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Dear Mom and Dad!
Yup Happy New Year! Sorry I didn't write yesterday. I'll explain why later. Sounds like things are still going good at home. I'm glad. Ya, Brian emailed me. I answered him. I sure love that kid!
So ya new years here in the mission field is nothing special. Dad you are right we had to stay in ha kinda nice but kinda boring at the same time ha ha. We just cleaned and chilled. We went right outside our house cause there were some fireworks that we could see. It was cool but nothing special. 
We now have church from 3-6 PM. It's kinda weird ha ha but kinda nice at the same time! We had a lunch appointment with our investigator Evans and his family. He and his wife Fabiola are super elect amazing investigators. They will be baptized the second Evans is off house arrest. (Another story for another time). He is Nigerian and she is Italian. She is kinda feeling down because her work didn't renew her contract so she just lost her job. And they have a little boy named Brian. He's about 2 years old and hes so freakin cute!!! But ya if you guys could shoot some prayers off for Fabiola that would be awesome. thanks!
The food was hecka good! Evans made an African stew thing. It had chicken in it and then he put it all over pasta. It was so good. Then Fabiola's mom made some legit tiramisu' for dessert. And she used panetone for the bread stuff. It was way good. But.... me being the klutz that I am of course I got the sauce all over me!!! And it was a red sauce. It was perfect. But wait, I haven't told you the best part yet. After that we had to go to church and Anziano Duque and I had talks to give! I looked so good up there giving a talk with a nice red stain on my white shirt ha ha the talk went well though. The topic was crescere nella fede e nella retitudine. (grow in faith and righteousness) it went well.
Monday I went on a scambio with Anz Lehnardt in Padova. It was pretty sick. Padova is a cool city. He really has become a good missionary! I remember him in his first transfer. He's come along way from then. He's a boss. I love that kid!
Yesterday we went to Venice!!! Man, it was cool!! haha I took a load of pics of course. We went with Anz Free and Lehnardt. Then we met up with the Anziani from Udine too. It was a really cool day. 
Anziano Duque is nuts!! haha he is so funny and I love him. I dunno if I told you this but he is a convert of like 3 years. That's why hes a bit older (28). But he has funny stories and is just a blast. The work is going kinda slow at the moment. It seems like during all the holidays people don't wanna talk to us here! But we are trying our best. The people are cold just like the weather here! haha jk. I think we just need to step up our game a bit. Tut overall not much more to report on.
I've learned a lot here being with Anziano Duque. I'm gonna miss him a lot!! Tut ya now things are back to normal. You'll get the pics in a few weeks at the end of the transfer. Well love you guys tons!!! thanks for the great help and support you guys give me! Can't wait to hear from you guys next week!
love Anziano Bona

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