Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Dear Mom and Dad!!!
I'm doing pretty dang good! A lot of weird stuff happened this week but I'll get to that later!!! But first of all ya the world cup makes it really hard here cause now pretty much every night they have an excuse for not letting us in because they are watching the world cup!! ha ha Even one of the guys we had an appointment with totally gave us a bidone! (like they just totally didn't show up!) ha ha but then we called him and he said sorry cause he was watching the game and we set up another one with him so I guess its OK! ha ha But ya it kinda makes work rougher during the nights! ha But ya Brian told me all the fun cool stuff he is doing and I'm jealous! I'm missing him growing up! He's gonna be such a baller! ha ha But no way!!!?? Ryan got his mission call!? That's nuts!!! Tell him congrats for me! And ya of course I miss all my friends but I get letters from them every week so its cool! I'm so proud of all of us!!! And I emailed Anthony and he didn't email me back!! What a bum! ha ha Guess what my nickname is that the members gave me.... Anziano Farfallone hahahahaha!!!! ballin huh!!! It's cause I always dress and look really good and they can tell that I use to flirt! hahahah! I just busted up when I heard that and knew you guys would love that!(don't worry, I don't anymore!!!) ha ha but yes transfers were this week and..... I'm..... staying in San Remo with Anziano mosley. But we are getting a new zone leader and its the Anziano that trained Anziano Mosley so he is really excited for that so it will be sweet!
But about some of our investigators.... Giovanni is like off the map at the moment.... we need to get in touch with him and see if he is still interested. The 29 year old guys didn't come to church. But we are still working really hard with them! They are just really worldly (like drinking and smoking and sleeping around) and one of them might be moving so we are just gonna have to see how it all works out! Yes Adriana is doing pretty good. She is dated to get baptized on July 17th so if all goes well it will work out! There is this guy named Gian Luca who is a freakin baller and is progressing so dang fast and things are looking really really good for him too! Also this man named Felice who is the husband of one of our members who is now meeting with us! So ya things are going pretty good. But I haven't been one with nature this week.... let me explain.... first we got bikes last Thursday so now we are doing that and its good exercise! Even more just what I needed! ha ha But we went up into this place and we were walking around and a freakin seagull pooped on me!!!! Ya what the HECK!!!! ha ha ha ha ha Thankfully it just got on my backpack and not on my tie or anything. When it did I kinda slipped and a bad word came out and Anz Mosley just laughed at me!! Ugh it was an interesting experience! ha ha Then the next day we were walking back to our apartment and a freakin dog bit me!!! And gave me like a hole in the back of my thigh! Ya it was not my week for animals! ha ha ha But oh don't worry I repented for my little bad word ha ha But ya there are some funny stories for you guys to laugh at! And oh dad HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!..... on Sunday.... ha ha ha I love you so much and you are such a great example for me!!! Yes mom don't worry I love you too and your just as ballin! ha ha ha But I'm sorry I don't think I can send any Italian soccer shirts from here.... San Remo is like a tourist place and everything is just so expensive!!! If you guys can be patient a bit wait till I get to my next city and then I can buy one and send you all one!!! ha ha But it's just so expensive here its a joke!
But ya yoga is fun and we do it in the church ha ha and there are also weights in there so later today we are going to go lift! ha ha ya I'm totally getting in good shape! It's awesome! Don't worry you all know that I'm fine! Yes miss you guys a ton but I'm so thankful and happy to be here!!! Oh I bought my first legit Italian tie for 6 euro and its ballin! just sayin!!! ha ha
and about Zio Pino I totally wanna see him but I don't know if it is possible..... he lives on the other side of town from where the church is.... but I totally want to! If I can I totally will! I'll ask Pres Dunaway for sure and see if it's possible. I'm praying that sometime on my mission I can just serve in Torino and that would just make things so much easier! ha ha But ya I'd love so see him and to talk! I'll see what I can do....
But yes all is going great! Thank you so much for all your guys love and all your guys support!! I LOVE YOU BOTH!!!!!!! SO SO MUCH!!!! ha ha ha and miss you guys tons! But yep its been 15 weeks.... only about 85 moreish to go! I'll be home before you know it! ha ha ha can't wait to here from you guys again next week!!!
Anziano Robert Bona

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