Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

World Cup Week

Dear Mom and Dad!
I'm doing really good! It was a good solid week and I didn't get pooped on and I didn't get bitten so I consider it a very solid week!! ha ha! But geez I'd love to ride the scooter right about now! Sanremo is totally like huge hills everywhere and it's rough riding bikes up and down everyday! ha ha! The bike was only 20 Euro or so but ya I took some money out to buy some clippers for my hair and stuff. But don't worry you don't need to check the money thing every day maybe just every other week or something. But thank you for making sure that I still have something in there in case of emergency!
But ya the bird and dog stories were pretty funny! ha ha And the little bite is just fine I probably made it sound worse then it was! ya It cut me and I was bleeding but not very bad and it didn't even rip my pants so I'm all good no worries! But ya frick seagulls!!! ha ha they have good aim!! ha ha!
The investigators are going OK. Adriana came to church again and is doing pretty good. One of our 29 year old dudes moved to London and we haven't seen the other in some time but we are gonna get in touch with him really soon and see if we can keep meeting with him! But don't worry about the world cup! So far every time Italy has played we have found a new investigator from it! ha ha cause eventually you find someone that's not watching the game and most the time they aren't doing anything so they let you in! ha ha but 90 percent of people won't even consider letting you in! ha ha
Dad are you upset that Italy hasn't won any games yet? What is going on with that!?!?!
Mom I'm so proud of you that you wanna read the whole book of Mormon in a summer! Good luck that is awesome! :)
But ya Anziano Cressman wasn't at zone conference so I didn't get the chance to go see Zio Pino :( hopefully one day I'll be able to run into someone! That would be so good!! But it was really good. This transfer we are focusing on recognizing the spirit and stuff. It was President Dunaway's last zone conference so it was kinda sad! But he gave some great training and it was really good! I'm gonna miss him he is a baller but I'm sure President Wolfgram is gonna be just as good!
Yes I got my packages and a few letters from some people!!! :) Thank you guys so much y'all are way too sweet! ha ha I loved all of it! The money situation is good. They give us a card that has money on it and each month they put money on our card and if we need cash we just go to an ATM machine and take some out, it's pretty easy! And if I need to use personal money I just use my credit or debit card it's easy don't worry!
That is so cool about the Kings! Brother King is gonna be amazing!!! Jordan is so lucky!!! ha ha I'll email them sometime ha ha Oh my heck Ashly would go and freakin kill herself!!! ugh what a spaz!!! I'll see if I have time to shoot her an email but tell her good luck from me!! I haven't emailed Pres Warner or bishop yet.... oops!!! I don't have a lot of time to email everyone!!! ha ha and my finger is fine but it still doesn't move all the way like it should ha ha but oh well what do you do! It kinda is sore sometimes but nothing to bad so don't worry!
I'm so so glad to hear that everything at home is going well! Sounds like Brian is having a blast! Good for him :) I love you all so so much!!! :) Thanks for your support and for your love! Don't worry all is going good out here! I'm eating fine doing some exercise and having a good time! Ya its definitely not the easiest thing I've ever done but it will definitely be worth it! It's just sad when people don't listen to ya!!! Oh well! but ya all is going good thanks for your postcards and packages and everything! I love you all so much!!! :) until next time!!!
LOVE Anziano Robert bona :)
(Brian's letter)

Hey bud!!! I'm doin really good. Just chillin' and doin the Lords work!! That's fun that you are having a sleep over! Tell them that I say hi!!!! And I'm not sure. One of them moved to London and the other one we haven't seen in a while. But we are going to try to meet with him soon!! But how are you doing? How is summer going for you?! Keep listening to mom and dad and keep going to church and keep reading the Book of Mormon!!! Never stop doing those things!!! Well love you bro and miss you tons!!! take care bro!!! :)
LOVE Anziano Robert Bona

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