Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dear Mom and Dad!!!!

I just wanna start off by saying I love you guys so freakin much!!!! Just lettin ya know! You both talked about Brian and stuff and that makes me so jealous! I wish I could be there to see him grow up! That kid is such a baller he is gonna be 100 times better then me!!! ha ha Yes mom I got the pics this time and last time! Thank you so so much! I loved them. Brian does look a lot bigger already! Dad you did just great with me don't worry. It's not your fault I was such a punk!! You both were such great examples for me and I'm so thankful for all you guys have done for me! The mission won't really change me (my personality) I don't think... but I think it is opening my eyes so now I can see what really is important. I'm sure I'll still be kinda goofy and punk like when I get back but I'll definitely have my priorities set straight for once ha ha!
Anyways ya things here have been OK! Finding work was rough this last week. No new investigators.... but it's OK we are staying positive and are hoping to have a great week this week! The two 29 year old guys are doing alright. we didn't meet with them last week because they were working in France but we met with them last night and it went well. They said they should be able to make it to sacrament meeting this Sunday so that is good. Hopefully they keep reading and praying and progressing... Adriana is doing good too. We had to move back her baptismal date because of some stuff but she is doing good and things are looking better for her. Giovanni is like way busy with school and will be till the end of the week so we really haven't talked with him much. We had one lesson with him but it didn't go as well as planned... hopefully after this week we will be able to work something out and meet with him sometime. But ya things are going alright! I'm having a good time but the work went a bit rough last week.
Like we had great lessons with the investigators that we have but we didn't get any new ones!
I have yoga later today and I'm excited for that! ha ha! We do yoga 2 to 3 times a week! It helps me lose weight! ha ha! I've lost all the weight I gained in the MTC so that is good! So don't worry I'm eating good and staying in shape! ha ha! Thanks for letting me know about sports that is really nice to know!!! Sports, music and movies are things that are hard to go without! ha ha!
But our next zone conference is around the 22nd or something like that. So in a few weeks or so. But ya everything is going great and I'm having a blast! I miss you guys tons and I miss my boys tons too!!! But even though I miss a lot of things I'm so so happy to be here and wouldn't trade it for the world! I'm glad to know that everything is going well at home! I love you guys so so much!!!!! Can't wait to get your next email next week! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! :)
Love Anziano Robert Bona

Dude that is so freakin ballin! I'm so so happy for you!!! Geez I've never even done that! I'm so so happy you had a good time doing that (Trek)! You're gonna learn so much and grow so much in these next couple of years! How are you doing? Are you liking summer? Go to church!!! :) ha ha! I'm glad you got to feel the spirit too that's so good! I hope you keep having a great summer and keep having fun with all your friends and stuff!!! :) I love you so so much and miss you tons! Listen to mom and dad! ha ha I love you :)
love your bro
Anziano Robert Bona

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