Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Grandpa and Lorraine!!
How have you guys been!? Thanks for your email! It sounds like you guys had a great trip and I'm so so glad. It sounds like you had fun grandpa! That's awesome! So the work here is going great. The weather here is just beautiful too. I love it. Yes we do get rejected a lot but its so awesome when someone lets you into their house and you get to share our message of the restored gospel with them. My companion is really cool too. He is Elder Mosley and he is from California. We get along great now! The food here is really really yummy too! You know I love that! I miss you guys so much and I'm so thankful for the great example you both have been for me! I love you both so much! I hope all is going well! Keep in touch!

Love Anziano Robert Bona

Hey mom and dad!!!
It sounds like everything back at home is going great! I'm very happy to hear that! That is so funny that brain actually got the Wii. Mom I can totally see you playing it and it just brings the biggest smile to my face! hahaha ;) Tell Brian I will write him next week! I'm running out of time! I wrote grandpa today so make sure he gets it! That's so cool to hear about Beau and Colby! I'm proud of both of them! Good for them! I can totally see Beau going there! He is gonna have a blast! That's so nice of you to take that to Kourtney! She is a sweet heart and thanks for keeping in touch with her and all!It means a lot! I'm so jealous that you guys are able to still watch movies! Ah that is one thing I sure miss! hahaha I'm definitely gonna have to catch up in a few years when I can! Thanks for Anthony's email. I will definitely email him and see whats up. Jeez I hope all is OK with him. Don't worry I'll be nice!!! hahaha
So for a funny story... so we were walking around the city and on our way home for lunch one day and while we were walking I straight up stepped in wet cement!!!! haha it sucked! I had to walk back to the apartment and I looked like a freakin' fool! haha But it was funny and we just laughed about it after! Don't worry my stuff is fine I got to wash it all off. Hopefully my footprint will still be there and it will get to be part of San Remo Forever!! hahaha :) And about the everything in Italian thing we just can't do that. President Dunaway wants us to study in English so that's what we do! Maybe when he leaves I will though! haha But ya this week has been a solid week. Anziano Mosley and I get along great so it's fun. Guess what! One day as we were doing casa I quoted the wholeLion King movie word for word! Ya impressive I know! haha
But ya thanks for everything! You both are the best examples for me and I love you guys so freakin much! I miss you guys tons but I am having a good time out here! The members are great and all too! Today we went out to Bussana Vecchia and got some ballin picks! I'm getting some good ones! haha Thanks for the little sports update you know I love that!
I love you guys! I cant wait to hear from you guys next week!!!
LOVE Anziano Bona

PS... Don't worry I'll keep everyone in my prays like David and his family and our family members in Italy! and you guys too! love you all!!! :)

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