Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 120

Dear Mom and Dad!!!

Thank you guys so much for your emails!! They were very nice this week! Don't get me wrong they are awesome all of the time! But first of all you both asked about Zio Pino. I haven't gotten any messages from him. Check with him and make sure he has the right address and tell him to send me an email. I will totally email him back once I get it! It probably wont be gramatically correct or anything but I'll try!! ha ha
I'm glad to here things are going well at home! Dad I'm sorry about work (the commute).... I know its rough sometimes, but I know you can do it!! :) plus you guys are going to Vegas this weekend so that will be a nice little break for everyone! I'm kinda jealous! But ya out here this last week has been pretty hot. And the thing is, it is humid and you are just dripping in sweat like all the time!!! ha ha That is the only rough part. So guess what... when I left the MTC I was 198 lbs and right now when I weighed myself this morning I was 179!!!! Crazy!!!! But actually I'm around 183ish but I'm fasting so I lost a few more, but I get to eat and drink at lunch so that will be nice!!! But I know why I'm doing it and praying really hard that it all works out for one of our investigators. This last week was a rough week according to the work... like it was a fast week but its wasn't that good for us. Some of our investigators are just deciding to be a little difficult at the time is all.... But its OK we are doing our best to help them out and work with them.
Things are going good with Anziano Mosley and myself. We get along great and all is well. My Italian is... well it' s OK ha ha the grammar still isn't perfect but its OK. But ya Martina Sacco told me you guys talked to her!!! That is so awesome! It is totally OK! If anyone from Italy wants to become my friend you guys can totally accept them. But ya we eat over at their house at least once a week. Normally on Thursday nights. The Sacco family is great but just is.... well kinda a long story, but basically Sorrella(Sister) Sacco get left buy her husband and they have 8 kids. Martina is 14 and is the youngest and is the only one that is still active. Slowly but surely Malena is starting to come back to church. But ya we go over once a week and eat with them and do a little lesson with them. They are all so nice and ballin.
um.... No I haven't sent the memory card back yet.... oops!!!! Sorry!!! I was planning on doing it at the end of this transfer!! ha ha I don't have like a billion pics! I need to take more!! ha ha
But thank you guys so much for all you do and for your great examples everyday! You guys are awesome and I love you guys so so much! Tell everyone in the ward hi!!!! And tell them sorry I don't email them! Today I forgot my little book with everything in it so I only have the emails that I've already used! ha
But ya don't worry guys everything here is going good! I have a funny tan line where I wear my watch! ha ha its pretty funny! But hey the 4th of July is this weekend so I hope you guys have a great holiday!!! I love you all so so much!!!! You guys really are the best :)
with much love,
Anziano Robert Bona :)

Dear Parents!!

Sorry for the quick little second letter but what the heck!?!?! Brian said that Ryan is coming to live with you guys??? I'm so lost!!! Fill me in!! ha ha I hope all is going well for them!!! love you guys!!! :)

from... ME!

(letter to Brian)

My main man!! :)
I'm glad that you guys are doing the things that you know are right! Like reading and going to church! Don't forget prayers though too!!! I know that if you keep doing those things you and our family will be blessed! :) That's so ballin that you guys are going to Vegas and that you guys get to see Talon! Tell him I say hi and what's up!! And that is freakin sweet that you get to watch Eclipse down there! Let me know how it is! I love you tons bro and I hope for the best for you! Have a great 4th of July this weekend!!! ha ha I love you tons!!!! :) Be a good boy and listen to mom and dad!
LOVE your bro,

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