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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July 7th, 2010

Dear Mom and Dad!!

First off thanks for the little sports update dad! you know I love that! ha ha ;) So I'm glad that you guys had a good time in Vegas!! That is so cool! and that's so sweet that you all got to see Talon in a show! How cool!!
And wow... I'm really sorry about the whole Ryan and David situation and all..... jeez that is rough. I will definitely pray for all them. You have no idea how great I think it is that you are letting him stay with you guys. All he needs is some love and the gospel in his life. This is just more proof of how great you guys are!!! ha ha Ya I was just like super shocked when Brian said something when you guys didn't! ha ha Just remember have patience and do your guys best to help him... You all will be blessed for this!! :)
I have already had zone conference this transfer. I had it the first day of the transfer! ha ha I have zone council next Monday but that is in Genova so I'm not going to be heading to Torino for a while now.... Shoot!!! I'm just praying that sometime during my mission I'll be transferred there! That would be my dream!! ha ha But ya Mirko is a stud! I love that kid he is a kid here in the branch. Last Friday we went and played some soccer with him and his friends and guess what?.... I SCORED A GOAL!!!! hahaha Dad you should be proud! :) hahaha! It was so much fun! But um I'm not really sure who the other people are.... ha ha
But that is so crazy that all of us are leaving now (0n missions) and are gonna be all gone soon! Good for all them! I'm so happy for all of us!! It's so cool to get emails from everyone all time! All my boys are just legit! Tell Ryan congrats on his call too! I already am in contact with everyone else! ha ha
About Adriana... she picked up work as a bidante (care giver) and is now working 24/7 and we can like never see her!!! So I don't know if we are going to be able to make it on her date.... We are gonna call her later today and see what we can do! The work is going a bit rough. But at the same time we are finding some people who are interested and it's all really sweet! So ya everything here is going great! The only down part is that it is so darn hot here!! It is so humid that we just sweat all day and riding the bikes up the hills here doesn't help! haha But its still all good! All is going really good! This guy named Felice is progressing really well! Things are going good!
So when do you want me to send the memory card? I can send it whenever you want. Oh I also heard that Kourtney came and did some weird presentation thing for some knives or something? ha ha Weird but funny at the same time! And sadly to say my footprint isn't there! I think they fixed it!
But hey I love you guys so so much! I look up to you both so much! Thanks for all you have done and what not! All is going good here and I hope all is going well there too! Tell Ryan that I say hi and to keep his head up! Things will work out don't worry!! But I gotta bounce!! I cant wait to hear another update about stuff!
much love...
Anziano Robert Bona

Hey Bro!!!
Sadly to say we haven't see those two guys forever now so I don't know what's going on with them. But we are working with some other people and are trying hard to get them to progress to baptism. And dang dude I'm sorry! I hope your mouth is OK!! I'll pray for you dude! I'm really glad that you guys had a great time in Vegas! That's so legit! ha ha Everything is going good out here! I love you so so much and miss you tons!! :) Keep up the good work bro! love you :)
LOVE Anziano Bona!!! Your bro!

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