Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Dear Mom and Dad!!!
Thank you for that little message it really did make me laugh! ha ha! And it also makes me happy to hear that you guys are reading the scriptures! Good for you guys!!!
But dang.... so so so sorry to hear about Cassandra... ugh that is so hard that she is pregnant. I know that there isn't much that you guys can do but just keep them all in your prayers. And I know it is different with Ryan there but I know that he really appreciates it and I know you guys are doing the right thing and this could really make a big difference in his life. Just be there and be good examples for him.
So ya, Adriana isn't gonna be getting baptized this week cause we haven't seen her in like two weeks!!! She is working as a bidonte and never has time and hasn't came to church!!! Ugh it is so frustrating!!! Hopefully we can find some time to meet with her and help her still get baptized.
Although she didn't work out exactly how we wanted... on Saturday we invited Felice to get baptized and he said yes!! So we lost one person to get baptized but at the same time we picked someone else up! We are really excited for him! The only hard thing is is that he lives in Imperia and is about a 45 minute drive from SanRemo so it's difficult for him to come to church. His wife is already a member and they blessed their baby at church 2 weeks ago and it was really good! It is also kinda' hard cause we can only go out there once a week and we still got a bit of stuff to teach him! His date is set for July 31st! It's gonna be kinda' hard but at the same time we know we can do it!! And he said if he doesn't get baptized that day he will get baptized after that so either way he is good!!!
On Monday we went to Genova and had zone council and got to meet the new president and his wife. President Wolfgramm is great and so is his wife! ha They are gonna do some really good things for our mission! It was also really good cause they have some dang good focaccia in Genova! ha ha
Things here are going really well. We also just recently picked up another investigator named Romulo who is really ballin and just loves Joesph Smith so its ballin! ha ha! He is planning on coming to church this week so we are excited for him.
It's about 1145 here and instead of using our pday for something fun we are gonna go teach people instead. There are just a few people who we feel really need some help so we wanna go help them. So we have two lessons planned for our pday afternoon! ha ha
But ya everything is going really well out here!!! And to answer your question mom ya we have the feeling that one of us is gonna be transferred. Normally a trainer is only with his trainee for 2 transfers but anything is possible so we will see! I'll keep you updated!!!
Thank you so much for your guys emails and updates from home! The Miami Heat are gonna be so good next year!! ha ha!
I love you guys so so much!!! Tell brian sorry for not emailing him this week! I took that time and emailed Ryan back instead! Next week I'll totally email! Tell him to have fun at camp and to keep being good! So ya I love you guys and I pray for you all every single day!! Thanks for your love and support!!! I LOVE YOU ALL :)
LOVE your son,
Anziano Robert Bona

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Alli said...

oh man, i love bona! :)
promise i'll write him this week.