Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Dear Mom and Dad!!!
Well just letting you guys know I'm doing just fine don't worry!!! The weather has been OK the last couple days but now it's starting to get hot again. We got lucky for a few days and it wasn't humid and it was just lovely!!

I'm still losing weight! It is weird! I'm now at 175 ha ha! That's over 20lbs that I've lost (since leaving the MTC) ! ha ha! The bike riding is definitely a bit hard sometimes when we have to go up hills and what not but it's totally worth it. We save so much time in the end and it helps the work out and that's what matters!

Felice and Romulo are just fine! They are ballers for sure! We didn't get to see Felice last week cause his wife got sick and he had to take her to the hospital. But now she is doing great and we are going to see him later this week. Romulo is a stud. He came to church on Sunday which was big cause he skipped his cycling stuff to come with us instead. He said yes to getting baptized but he didn't want to set up a date for it cause he said he still has some doubts and wants to learn more. But we are very optimistic with him! We just went over the word of wisdom and it was funny cause he was all "frick i love wine!" ha ha it was just the way he said it that made us all laugh! But he said that he would live it and stop with all the coffee and stuff so that is good. He is solid we see him at least 3 times a week.

This last week has been way chill. Anz Mosley and I got along great and everyday was just a blast.

OK so for the cool little spiritual story of the week...
So we were doing casa and we found this guy named Sergio who let us in and said we could share our message and what not with him. So we did the whole first lesson and just talked about the restoration and then the Book of Mormon and how all ya gotta do is read a bit and pray to know if it's true. So of course like the rest of Italy he is Catholic so we taught him how to pray using his own words and stuff. The only problem was that he just had eye surgery awhile ago so he literally can't read. So we asked him to give the closing prayer and ask for a little help with his eyes. So he did and he said a great pray and then we gave him the Book of Mormon and were like "well if you can somehow it'd be really great if you read a little bit" and he took the book and started flipping pages and was all "I just had surgery you guys can't expect me to... hmm.. what the heck? that's strange... I can read it. That's so weird!" And he kept looking through it and noticed he could read a little bit of it! So we asked if he would read and he said he would try his best! But once again it was just really cool to see the Lord answer prayer! He really will help us out if we just have a little faith and just ask!!! So ya that was cool!! We are now meeting with him and have a lesson with him tonight! And also another one with romulo tonight!! So ya things are going well!

OK so transfers.... yep you guys are right... I'm staying here in San Remo! But Anz Mosley is not. He is getting transferred to Cuneo. And my new comp is going to be Anz Bartholomew. (or something like that I don't know how to spell his name ha ha) And Anz Mosley doesn't know him so I really don't know what to expect!!! But another really cool thing is that they are opening up another coppia here in San Remo! Anz Brookes (who is like a legend here in the mission and is supposed to be super legit) and Anz Roberts (who was Anziano Mosley's mtc comp) are coming here to do that! So that is exciting! There are gonna be 4 missionaries stuck in our tiny apartment!! It's gonna be nuts! ha ha I'm really sad to leave Anz Mosley but at the same time looking forward for this chance to grow and become better. I gotta take care of the solid people we have right now!! and I know I totally can with the Lords help!! So ya those are they changes that are gonna be happening!

So I hope everything all is well at home. It sounds like Brian is just doing great and being a little baller! Tell him not to worry about girls and to just play sports and get big and then the girls will come! :)

I hope all is going well with Ryan... I'm sorry it sounds like a rough situation but you guys are right our ward there in Provo is legit!! I love them all and miss them tons! Tell Issac congrats for me!! :)

Well that's about all I got for the moment! We got a busy day cause we gotta go around and say bye to all the ward members for Anz Mosley! ha ha

But ya everything is going great. Thank you guys so much for your love and support! I wish there was more I could do to help with all the stuff at home! ha All you guys are in my prayers every night! ;) I love you both so much you guys are ballin parents! Period!! And you can tell cause my friends still come over even without me there! ha ha I love you guys so so much!!! Tell everyone I say hi!!!! Can't wait for your guys next email!!! :) ha ha

Anziano Robert Bona

(Brian's letter)

Dude!!!! What's up bro!? That is sweet that you are going to that party!! Tell Seth and Logan bye for me and that I love them like brothers and that I hope they have a great time! And dude you are gonna love scout camp! Get alot of badges!!! ha ha and I heard you're gonna play tackle football! ;) what a baller! ha ha Have a good time at camp! I love you so so so much! I look up to you bro!!!! Keep up the good work!!! I love you and always will!!!! :)
Anziano Robert bona your bro!!!

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