Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Mom and Dad!!!
Well I just wanted to start off saying by I love you both so very much and am so very thankful for all you guys have done for me!!! :) I'm very happy that things are going well with dads work!! Dad you have sacrificed everything for our family and you really do deserve the very best!!! So I'll keep ya' in my prayers and I hope all turns out well for that!!
I miss Brian so so much!!! He sounds like a baller!! ha ha! I love him so much!!! He's gonna be a stud in football!! Just tell him not to be a pansy! ha ha!
I'm very happy that all has gone well at home! I hope all works out with Ryan and all them... jeez... that's a rough situation! But ya mom good attitude learn as much as possible from this situation! Our ward really is amazing... if all members in the world were like our ward we would all get translated!! ha ha ha!!
OK so stuff about here.... so basically this has been my favorite week so far! I love being in 4!!! ha ha ha ha! First my comp is Anz Bartholomew and he is this tiny short kid from North Carolina. He is like quite but he is a good worker and that's what matters. We have seen a lot of success already in this first week and I'm excited to be with him. I think we are gonna get along just fine! The other two missionaries in the apartment are Anz Roberts and Anz Brooks. They are both way chill. Anz Brooks is like a legend around the mission. He's an amazing missionary and is so freakin funny! He has Padre Pio (a catholic priest) pictures everywhere and he is just halarious!!! I love him!!! Every night is like a party at the apartment! So ya everything is just great here right now!!!
OK so now story of the week... There is this boy in our branch named Matteo who is 9 years old and isn't baptized. His parents are divorced. His mom is a member but his dad isn't and won't let him get baptized so he can't 'cause you need both parents permission for a minor to be baptized. But what we realized is that since Ellena (Matteo's mom) has full custody of him we don't need the permission of the father so now he is getting baptized!!! Tonight!!!! ha ha ha! And guess what... He asked me if i'd do it!!!! ha ha ha ha ha!!! :) :) So tonight around 8 pm (noon Utah time) I have the privilege to baptize Matteo in the ocean!!!!! How ballin' is that!?!?!? I'm so stoked! ha ha It's gonna be epic!! ha h aha so ya I'm pretty much freaking out... its gonna be awesome! I'm so excited its gonna be great! :) So ya that's my little story! ha ha
But ya' everything is going great here! I'm not gonna send the pics for a week or two so I can get some pics of the guys here to send to you guys too! Everything here is just going great! ha ha I hope everything at home keeps working out too! You guys are always in my prayers!! I love you guys so so much thanks for all you guys have done!! I gotta bounce though 'cause we got some planning to do!! ha ha love you guys tons!!! :) Can't wait for your guys' emails next week!!
Much Love
PS... I got the letter from you guys and the pics from all my friends!!! ha ha! Please tell all of them thank you so much it made my day when I got it!!!
PPS... and yes Kourt still emails me every week and we are still good friends!! ha ha I love you guys
later!!! :)

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