Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

5+ Months and HAPPY!

Dear Mom and Dad!!

It sounds like things are getting back to normal around home now that Ryan is gone. I hope you guys can relax more now and not be as stressed!!! ha ha And ya I've been gone for more then 5 months now!! Pretty crazy right!? Seems like longer and yet shorter at the same time! Dad I'm happy about your job and all! that's legit! :) ha ha keep up the hard work! I look up to both of you so so much!!

But ya' I'm really curious about the whole Ryan and family situation cause I don't know the whole story or anything!! ha ha But that's OK you cant wait till I get back to tell me ha I'm just confused about it! Just be the best support you guys can for them! 'cause in the end they are still family....

Oh man I love Ann and all them!!! Please wish them the best of luck for me!!! ha ha Good for Ann though, that makes me happy that she is happy! And I'm glad that you had all them come over to eat and chill!! ha ha I love them all so much!! ha ha It sounds like you guys all had fun!

Kourt said it was fun and she had a good time at dinner and that she loves you guys! ha ha and that's crazy that Beau leaves soon! I'm happy that we are all out at the same time and that we are all doing the Lords work together!!! ha ha

OK so now for some story time.... ha ha
OK.... so ya' last Wednesday was THE best day of my mission. We rented this like 4 person cart thing and all rode together down the pista and took pics and stuff. Then we went to the church and chilled and got ready for the baptism. Then it happened!!!! :)It was so crazy!!!! ha ha and ya' it was in the ocean it was so cool!! So we like started walking into the water and everyone was like talking and stuff then I raised my hand in the air and it went dead quite. Then I like totally forgot everything I was supposed to say!!! Only for like 1/2 a second though thankfully!!! Then I felt this huge peace come over me ('cause I was kinda nervous ha ha) and then I said it, and I got to baptize him!!!! :) :) :) It was so awesome!! The spirit was so so strong! Then after that we all got cleaned up and heared some talks and what not and then it was like 930 at night (which is when we need to be home normally, 10 at the latest) and some of the members invited us out for pizza and dinner, and Anziano Brooks (the legned) is our district leader and he is a baller, he was all... what the heck its a special night... so we got to got out and chill with the members and we were out till like midnight!! ha ha It was way fun!!! ha ha so that's my big story for the week!
But ya' every night is a party 'cause we just chill and talk and have fun and play games and there is just no bad feelings anywhere so its all good and fun!!! ha ha anziano brooks is just so chill I love that guy!!

So as you can tell from this everything here is going great!!! ha ha These have been like the funnest weeks ever!! ha ha all is well.

Thank you guys so much for your love and support! I love you guys so much! Take care of Brian! He's such a baller!! ha ha Well until next week! Can't wait to get your guys next email!!

Much love!!! Anziano Robert Bona

.... I only got 2 hours a week to email!!!! if I find a bit of extra time I'll email everyone!!! ahhh!!! There are so many people to email!! ha ha love you guys see ya have a good week!! :)

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