Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Friday, November 12, 2010

Dear Mom and Dad!!!

Yes yes yes don't worry!!! Things here are going great!! Everything is back to normal finally, no more crazy long train rides or dumb stuff like that! ha ha

Things with Anziano Weller are going way good! He is was solid and is gonna be a super bomb missionary one day!! And for a new kid he speaks the language pretty dang good! He kinda beats himself up about it sometimes but I just tell him to chill and that it will come with time! And the thing is is that it totally will! ' But ya he's obedient, and like I said it's good! You're exactly right, there are a lot of things that I'm learning from him! It is cool to see the fire of a new missionary but yes, he seems to be happy! And he is now adjusting to the field quite well so things are going good!

And here in Alessandria for the moment we are on feet and public transportation. We might get bikes but I really don't wanna... so we will see.

So ya' the weather here is.... cold.
It hasn't rained the last couple days which has been nice 'cause it used to be hecka rainy!!! But now it's just cold! We really haven't fixed the heater thing yet but I think we are gonna do that sometime this week!!! Hopefully!!!

Yeah, la nonna is crazy! ha ha I was sleeping 'cause I was sick and she called and woke me up! haha But it's ok ha she's really nice though.

The finding work is still a pain sometimes!! But I know that there are people out there waiting for us! We just gotta' find them! We are doing our best and I'm sure it will pick up by the end of the week!

And ya we went out and got comp scarfs! They are so chill! ha ha So now my face stays warm and I look like a baller! ha ha!!! It's way funny but we need to stay warm! I think I'm getting my watch today and might get a tie that I've been looking at! ha ha

Elaina and Erminia!! yes, they are still set up for the 27th! We are hecka happy for them and I'm sure that they will be ready on that day! Seriously it's cool and amazing to see the gospel help and bless there lives!

I heard about the sports stuff.... that stinks for Utah and for the Jazz! Hopefully they can beat Miami! ha ha that would be cool!

OK, so the training thing has been changed this transfer. Instead of everyone going to Milan they are doing it kinda like a zone conference so like the Genoa zone and Torino zone will meet in Alessandria the next two Wednesday's and do some training stuff here! So that is chill 'cause we don't have to go anywhere! ha ha So hopefully they will bring my packages then! But that means that p-day for the next 2 weeks is on Tuesday so ya gotta email me on Monday night!

Dad I'm so happy all is going well! and glad that your Wednesdays are chill! :)

That is fun that you will be going to the Tubbs for Thanksgiving!!!! They are just like family!

But the Muslim lady here is yelling at me so I gotta go!!

Tell Bri sorry I didn't write him!!!!

So write me next week on Monday!!!
I'll explain more stuff later!!!! I gotta go!!!

I love you guys you guys are awesome!!!!

Anziano Bona

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