Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Monday, January 31, 2011


Dear Mom and Dad!!!

It sounds like things are going rather smoothly at home and for that I'm thankful!

Last p-day was super chill!!! I loved it! The Da Vinci painting was so cool! And we found this super legit gelato place that is the best thing I have ever had!!! It's legit!!! When we come back I'll take you guys to it!

OK so this is how Milan works. There is us. Then there is another coppia in our apartment. Then there are the sisters, and all of us are in Milano 2. Then there are the capi zona (zone leaders) in Milano 3 and another coppia of sisters and that's all the missionaries in Milan. it's not that we are in a place where work has never been done it's just we're in a place that doesn't get done as much.

But ya' the work for us is going good. We are still 100% every time we go out we get inside a house and teach about Joesph Smith. We have found a good amount of people but it's still a bit to early to know if they are solid or not. We did find this lady yesterday morning who is studying with the j-dubs (testimoni de geova) (Jehova Witness) and she said she is just looking for the right church. So she's way interested and stuff so that's chill. J-dubs always getting in our way. They love arguing with us. Don't worry we are nice.

But honestly it's been really cool to see Anz Strobelt and I do work together! We are both doing well with the language and teach alike so it's chill. We have told ourselves we are not going inside without finding new investigators and it's worked out so far! We are gonna try to keep up this energy all transfer.

Today we are gonna go out and chill down town and look at all the nice rich stores!!! ha ha They have some sick Nike stores!!! So tempting 'cause everything is on sale right now!!!!

Wow go Packers!!!!! And hopefully the Jazz get on their a game!!! And ya' if you could send me some of the razor heads that would be really nice :) and I'll see what I can do about that. I have been keeping it up better out here in Milan. No I haven't got the memory cards yet! I hope I do though soon!

But ya there really isn't anything super cool to tell you guys. We just do a lot of finding work and talk with like a billion people a week. It's really cool :)

I love Italy!!!

About that book thing... um... just do whatever you think is best cause I really don't know! ha ha

but um.... ya' guess what? I love you guys!!! And all is going well! Tell everyone at home hi!!! and that I love them too. Sorry my letters aren't to cool... i don't have to much to say!!!
I hope you guys have a great week!!!
love you guys!

vi voglio bene
anziano bona

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