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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Hello Mom and Dad!

First of all I cant believe you weren't gonna tell me about Tibi!!! :P ha ha I totally needed to know that so I could pray for here too! I'm sorry I know that it's hard.... and it snowed and rained there too? :( dang.... oh well, it's OK things happen. It's just weird thinking that I might never see her again!!! Pretty sad actually but it's OK. I'm sure heaven is a nice place and if it ends up that you don't find her I'm sure she will love it up there!! But ya keep me posted on that....

Dad I loved your stories that you sent me! Wow they were both really powerful!!! And to think that the second one the man who wrote it isn't a member. That dude was like right on!!! ha ha and I loved the Indian one too! It's totally true we need to walk by faith and not sight. I really loved both of them. Thank you so much for those!!!

Ya my weekend was pretty good! Not gonna lie, one of the best ones I've had in a few weeks!! My time with Anz Bos was fun! And its nice to do some work with someone who wants to and knows how!!! ha ha Ya' I'm bummed that he's going home but it's OK. He's done his time. I've learned a lot from him. I'm not sure if he's going to BYU or what. But there is Facebook so we will definitely keep in contact!!

Conference was so amazing as well!!! WOW, it was really so powerful and just what I needed. I was really needing a spiritual boost and man I got it :) The only downer was is that we weren't able to see the last session on Sunday because of the time difference. But besides that I saw all of it. And we got to watch most of it in English as well!! (which is nice!!) ha ha I left my notes in Rimini which isn't good, but I will be getting them back tomorrow so that will be nice! I too loved the one by Uchtdorf about the road to Damascus. It was really powerful. It was totally for Cristian. If someone watches conference with an open heart I'm pretty sure it is impossible to not feel the spirit. All of those talks were inspired and really powerful. I also really liked the one where it talked about hope. I can't remember exactly when it was given or by who but it really stuck out to me! I really liked that one. And then the one by Gonzales of the 70 was really good too! Man just the whole thing was amazing. We were all so lucky to be able to hear the counsel of our leaders. I wish I had my notes so I could tell you guys more of what I liked and stuff but I don't have them on me!!! My bad! Next time for sure! :) But ya' could you guys send me an English copy of the Liahona when it comes out with the talks? That would be really great thanks!!

Oh also could you guys send me some 5 gum and some American deodorant!! That would be lovely!! It's getting pretty hot over here and the deodorant here is terrible and doesn't work to well!!! So those things would be lovely! :)

So ya Cristian came to conference but I only got a chance to talk to him for like a second before he had to leave! He said he liked it.... and I haven't had the chance to meet with him since then because of schedule conflicts!!! And I probably won't be able to see him till next Monday. Hopefully he shows up to church. I talked to him this morning over the phone and he sounded OK! But I'm still not sure exactly how it went!!! I'm praying it was as great for him as it was for me! He was able to see the Sunday morning session which was just amazing. If he watched it with an open heart I know that he would have felt something. So it was overall a great weekend. I had a lot of answers to my prayers this past weekend. It really was a nice experience :)

So about transfers..... :) :) :) :) ha ha Yup you know what that means!!!! Good news!!!!!!  (I know I shouldn't say that, but....) yup Anz Craig is getting transferred. He is going up to Gorizia. It was actually pretty neat how it all worked out. I actually told President Wolfgramm that it would be better for both of us if we were split up, and he told me that he read that email after he had decided to transfer him, so he then knew that it was the right choice to do. And actually I'm going to be training again!!!! Yay!!!! ha ha That should be fun and I'm excited! New kids always have a crazy fire to do missionary work and be super obedient so I'm super excited! I don't think I've ever been more pumped to get out there and do some work!!! It's probably gonna be a bit rough because I'm not super used to it but I'm totally ready for it! I'm super stoked!! Oh and actually I'm going be the new District Leader too. That I'm not to thrilled about (just kidding, I really am) 'cause that just means even more responsibility! haha but I am excited and up to the challange, it will be fun!!! Our district has changed a bit and it will just be us and the zone leaders so that will be sweet!!! I've never had zone leaders in my district before so that will be sweet because I'll be able to do scambios with them! And guess who my new zone leader is.... Anziano Dunshee!!!!!! (My MTC companion) Heck ya!!!! :) I'll get to see him all the time and get to work with him!! So ya I'm super stoked for this next transfer! It's not gonna be easy because there is a lot of work to be done but its gonna be way awesome!!!

So ya' things here are going well! I'll tell you about the new kid next time!! ha ha Well I gotta' go!! I hope you guys have a great week. Remember the counsel that we all received this past weekend. And even better do your guys best to put it into practice!!!! That's the hardest thing for me to do sometimes, but it's the thing that will bless us the most!!

I hope you guys have a good week and find Tibi too!!!
Vi voglio bene tantissimo e sono molto grato per vio!!!!
Siete bravissimi! ;)

Love Anziano Bona

PS... tell Anthony to email me back that punk!!! and I'll send picks soon!! love you guys!! :)

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