Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Anz Bona called on Mother's Day. We had the opportunity to talk to him for almost an hour. It was so nice. We were hoping to be able to Skype with him...but it didn't happen. At first I was disappointed because I really wanted to see him, not just hear him. But then when we knew the reason why it made it much easier.
It is against mission rules to use memebers computers and the place where they go to email does have Skype, however, they would have had to pay for the internet usage, and since Mother's Day was on Sunday, they wanted to keep the Sabbath Day, and not have to purchase/pay for something, So as a compaionship they decided on phone calls only. How can you be upset after that reasoning. Especially when we have been telling Anz Bona how important obedience is. was so good to talk with him. He and Anz Winegar are doing well. The work is going forward and they are doing their best.
He has had the chance to see his Uncle and family a few times as well and that has been nice too.
He sends his love to all his friends and hopes they are all well.
He feels blessed to be serving a mission and loves Italy and the people.

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