Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

68 DOWN 36 TO GO!

Dear Mom and Dad,
Wow only 36 more weeks? Doesn't seem like that much!! ha ha But at the same time it is a lot! There is still so much time to do so much good! ha ha Whatever mom I know your counting! ha ha But it's OK! I understand ;) ha

Things are going good. I just got done doing a 2 day scambio with Anz Dunshee. We are in Bologna again and he is chilling right here next to me and he shouts out his love to you guys! haha I love that kid. We were in Ravenna for Monday and Tuesday then this morning we took a train back up to Bologna.
This week was another really good week though. We had district conference in Rimini and Anziano Shultze from the 70 was there and spoke and it was really good. Our members did great and brought so many friends to come it was great. Also our allstar investigator Luca came with the branch pres to Rimini to see it too. So it was super chill. We got to stay in  Rimini over night. And that is where Anziano Zanni is and I love him! I don't know  if  I've talked about him much but he is from the same mtc group as me and he is from Argentina and he's just a baller. And he is training someone from Winegar's group like I am so it was super chill to be with them for a while.
But ya we've just been working really hard lately doing our best. I'm just getting really tired and just drained but I  love it. It's been great ha ha. Me and Anz Winegar are chill. Like this past week was his capo week so I've been training to give him a lot of the responsibility so he can grow and learn too but I think from his point of view he thinks I'm just being lazy and making him do everything ha. I've never been with a comp for more then 2 transfers and I've never been in a city for more than 3. And I'm at my max here in Ravenna. I've been here for 3 and have been with Winegar for 2.... so I dunno whats gonna happen! ha ha like if I stay it might be rough for me cause I love changes cause it just kinda gives me more energy and stuff! But at the same time I want to stay cause I wanna see Luca get baptized! He's got a date and progressing really well. He just seems like super elect. I don't wanna jinx it or anything but he is legit ha ha so its like a bitter sweet feeling. But if i stay with Winegar I'm scared there might be some tension cause he will then be in his 3rd transfer so for sure I'm gonna give him a lot more things to do and a lot bigger role in teaching and what not. But who knows we will see it's all in the air! ha ha I'll let you guys know for sure though, but ya overall things are going pretty well here.

You guys are going on trip!?!? Lucky bums! :) ha ha No don't worry about it, that's super chill I hope you guys get some good chill time!!! ha ha just remember that when your swimming in the water in Cali just think of me here in a shirt and tie sweating my stuff off suffering in the heat and not being able to swim!!!! ha ha I do hope you guys have such a great time!!! ha ha Have fun and take pics for me!

Ya I love Coulton and Beau and just all of my guy friends! Wow that's crazy that those guys are getting home soon. Its hecka nuts that Downing gets home in August! Wow super crazy. Ii bet he's like freaking out now! ha ha
Dad thank you so much for your message from Uchtdorf. It was awesome and it's so true! We all need to be committed in being followers of Jesus Christ for our whole lives!!!!

But ya all is going really well. Just chill doing my thing. You know how i do ;) There are a lot of peole comming out of the wood work for summer...and boy they don't dress like they do in Utah. I miss Utah where everyone is  mostly modest and stuff. Wow I can't believe I said that but it's true!!! ha ha A lot of chicks here are super sketchy!!!! ha ha But its funny! ;) ha ha Um the book Crank was pretty chill. i actually read it in 6th grade. cause i remember talking to ms rawlins about it. and its a chill book.
But ya all is chill. I love chocolate... bacio.... and fragola and nocciola and just everything!! But those are my good favorite ones!!! ha ha I love you guys so so much! Have such a fun time on your trip! Let me know how it goes!!!! Take care love you guys! :)

love you all!

love anziano bona

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