Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Dear Mom and Dad,
Thanks for the emails again! They were greatly appreciated! ha ha Wow I never say that I bet I sounded pretty funny right there huh?! Greatly appreciated?! Come on who says that!!!! hahaha.
Well I'm glad you can feel for me because ya it's been really hot lately. And it's just humid. That's the part that sucky! You just sweat and smell and I bet that by the end of this summer all of my short sleeve shirts will be destroyed. But it's OK it's totally worth it! ha ha
I'm super jealous about you guys being able to go visit the temples. That really is a great idea! I'm glad you guys did it. We are so lucky to have so many temples so close to home. I miss them so so much. But its OK only 8 months left! ;) ha ha did you know that?! Sunday is my 2/3 mark. What am I talking about of course you know that mom! You have that crazy countdown thing on the blog! ha ha but ya send me pics! It sounds like you guys are having fun! I wanna go to Vegas and see shows and go to Cali and go to the beach!!!! ha ha One day I'll be able too ha but ya I'm super glad that is going well for you guys.

Things here are going really well. Anz Winegar and I get along fine don't worry. There were just a few days of iffyness. ha ha But overall we are chill. The work is going good. Luca is chill and is on track for his baptism. This week is where we crack down though. We are gonna start the commandments our next lesson with him. But I know that all will be OK. He is a good guy and is really trying to have God in his life. The last lesson with him his mom was there and she is like super Catholic and we were finishing up il piano di salvezza (the plan of salvation) and she started freaking out about how non of this stuff is in the bible and then the member that was with us (who is a baller) totally proved her wrong (with the spirit of course) and it was sick (awesome). Then the mom was just saying stupid stuff then I just bore hard core testimony and then Luca just jumps in and basically say shut it mom these guys got ragione (what they are saying is right/true)! It was super cool. He is way bravo. So we are excited to start teaching him the commandments.

OK so about transfers.... So there are three possible things that we were thinking could happen. 1st and the best would be that we both stay for one more transfer. 2nd best would be that I leave and Anz Winegar stays here and does great work with our investigators. 3rd and worst is that I stay and Anz Winegar leaves and I get some weird new comp. So take a sec and think which one happened..... just take into consideration how my luck is.... and yup there is the answer!!!! its #3!!!!!! ha ha I'm staying here in Ravenna, and Anz Winegar is getting transferred! He is going up to Bergamo to be in a 3some. and I'm staying here for my 4th transfer and my new comp is Anz Bushman. I hear that he's having some trouble so hopefully I can help him out. I'm sure all will be OK. I hear he speaks good Italian so that's a plus!!! ha ha I'll tell you more about him next week.

Lately we have been seeing a lot of miracles. It's been great. The stories are kinda long so I don't think I'll really share them (we gotta go so Anz Winegar can pack, etc)  but basically things don't just happen by chance. The Lord has his hand in everything!!! It's been amazing. The work is going pretty good. So ya tutto bene. I think next week I'll send home my pics. I'll get a few of my new comp in there too.

But ya all is well! I love you guys so so so much. I miss you guys too. But this is just where I gotta be at the moment! ha ha and I'm loving it. It's hard sometimes but overall it's amazing. Well have such a great week! Let me know how the rest of your trip goes!!! I love you guys and I'll hear from you guys next week! Take care!!! Spero che abbiate un buon settimana!!! ciao ciao!!!

Love,  Anziano Bona

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