Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Dear Mom and Dad!
Sounds like things are pretty chill at home! Just usual life! Nothing fancy! ha ha I'm glad that Brian is having a good summer! He already goes and "hangs out"? Ha jeez that's just great! ha ha Man I was not to good of an example huh? Sorry about that. If I could go back and change some things man I'd do it so fast!! Just keep a good eye on him! At least he is good at letting you guys know where he is! I wasn't to good at that either! ha ha

So Jessie's getting married huh! Good for her! Kinda weird but chill! Tell her I say congrats! Give her my best wishes! I haven't heard anything from Jordan but Coulton did and he said he's alright. There are plenty of girls in the world!  All this means is that we are just gonna have a lot of guy time when we all get back home! ha ha

I'm glad that the baby blessing went well for Riley. That's good! Kinda weird thinking Cassandra has a kid but whatever! ha Sounds like all is going OK for them so that makes me happy!

The work is going alright. This last weekend we found a lot of new investigators. It was nice. It's still early in the process to see how solid they will all be but at least we have some new people to work with, and that makes me very happy.
We found a yummy Chinese restaurant! We went there for lunch on Monday. It was funny, the Asian people there didn't speak English or Italian. Little Asian people are so cute! hahahaha We were just laughing the whole time. You have to order using numbers so they know what you want ha ha
This weekend we are going up with our branch into the mountains to do this activity with them. We are going to some spiritual place to read scriptures and pray. It seems kinda interesting but hey, it'll be fun and something different so we are excited for that.
Yes I got the letter with them memory card. But for some strange reason the memory card won't work :(  I can't see the videos or anything! Oh well, thanks for the thought! I'm using the big memory card remember, so S still have  a lot of space on it. I can send it home anytime you want me to because I have others here that I can use. If you want me to send it home let me know next email and I'll send it to you guys.
Um.... no you don't need to get anyone else's emails. Just the ones from you and dad and Brian.
That's cool that the series is tied 2-2. Sounds like a good one!!! ha ha Let me know how it goes :)
Everything here is going well. Nothing special ha kinda just like you guys. It was just another average week! But it was good. I have to admit, it just seems like time totally slows down during the summer time! ha ha but that's OK too.
I loved the story that you guys shared with me about the gold sprinkles. Totally true. I hope that I get your package next week with the conference talks in it! We have zone conference on Monday so I hope I get it then because I really want to read all the conference talks again!!! Hopefully I get it!
Well this p-day is kinda shot! It's kinda bitter sweet! We have lessons planned all day!!! So it's nice because it means we are teaching people and doing what we are supposed to do! But at the same time it's hard cause that means no break! Right after lunch we are heading out!
Overall things are alright! Anz Winegar is pretty chill. We get along pretty well and laugh and what not so that's good. But it's just hard because when it comes to missionary work I still carry a lot of the load. He is still shy and still learning Italian. but he is trying and that's what counts.
It sounds like everything at home is going well and like I said, that makes me happy! I love you guys so much and miss you guys tons! I'm praying for you guys every day! Have a great week alright!?!?! :)
vi voglio bene!!!!

love Anziano Bona

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