Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wednesday May 25 th - CONVERSION

Dear Mom and Dad!
It sounds like you guys had a great week! Well at least a good weekend. That makes me so happy! It sounds like Stake Conference was the bomb!!! That's so cool. President Warner really is something special. He is a great man. He really is called from God! I didn't even know there was a Saturday night session of stake conference? Wow that shows you how much I paid attention before my mission!!! hahahaha. I'm glad you guys were able to go and to get so much out of it! That really is great and how it should be!
That's cool how they talked about conversion and how it's a life long thing, because Monday we had a leadership training meeting in Modena and they talked about the gospel of Christ! OK quiz.... think real hard! Do you know what it is!?!?!

Don't cheat don't go looking through the scriptures! Hopefully you got it! If not then you know what you need to study ;) ha ha They talked about how it's a cycle. How we 1st: start with faith in Jesus Christ. this faith brings us to the next step. 2nd: is repentance. After we repent we become eligible for the next step. 3rd: is baptism by immersion for the remission of our sins. 4th: is receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost. and last but not least is the 5th step: (which for me is the hardest) enduring to the end.
But they just talked about how it was a never ending cycle and how we keep going through it over and over again! We were taught about change and how it's a painful thing but in the end so worth it and how we grow so much through it! It really is so true. This training meeting totally changed my life! It was so great.
Ya lately has been pretty rough. Things haven't gone how we've planned with some investigators and not a whole lot of people have wanted to listen to us! And now its getting hotter (today was 90 degrees plus humidity!!!!) which just makes me cranky! ha ha Man we sweat so much it's nuts! Like yesterday we had no appointments and all of our members are at the temple this week so there was no one to visit so it was a whole day of finding work and no one let us in! But it was totally OK. We did get a few appointments set and a few numbers but nothing fancy. But its OK 'cause that meeting just totally changed my perceptions on things. It really was great. And I'm so happy cause there is another one next Tuesday!

I'm glad Aubrey's reception went well! Man it's so weird how everyone is getting married! ha ha So funny! But good for all of them.

So guess what we  did today for pday! We went to see Zio Nicola! It was great! Zia Graziella cooks like a goddess!!!!! I love it! ha ha She made lasagna! :) Don't be jealous now! ha ha But ya' it was pretty chill.

But ya overall things here are going well! We are doing our best. I'm honest I'm far from perfect. there are a lot of things I still need to change! But I try. I try to be obedient and positive. I do my best. But that's why I love my comp! He is super chill. ha ha He just makes me laugh! And we love eating gelato together so that's always fun too! So basically all is well... but ya you should email Beau and Coulton they would love to hear from you!
I hope you guys have such a great week! lLt me know about sports!!!! Whats going on!!! You have no idea how tempting it is to go to to check it out!!!!! But don't worry I wont! ha ha:)
Well I love you guys so so much!!! Have a great week!
vi voglio un sacco di bene!!!!

love anziano bona

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