Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Dear Mom and Dad,

Thanks for all the pics! Freak Brian is getting huge. What a baller :) ha ha It looked like you guys had a blast on your trip and that makes me happy! I'm glad you guys got a little pausa (break) from real life! Thats always nice and even needed every once in a while! Not gonna lie it made me miss you guys but that's OK I miss you guys anyways! ha ha

So to answer your questions... yup Dunshee is still my ZL thank heavens!!!! ha ha I love that kid! Another tranfer in his district is gonna be sick. Our new ZL is a little dude named Anz Duque. He is so funny and such a baller! It's his second time being Anz Dunshee's comp! They were comps in Siena, and now they are our ZL's in Bologna! Anz Lehnardt is out! He is now in Siena. Anz Mendel is the other new kid in our district. He's a baller we are gonna have fun with him!

Bolnick is travaling assitant! That's so sick. Basically he's a scambio (splits) monkey and gets to go around the whole mission doing scambi (splits) with everyone to make sure we all are doing our job right! ha ha I hope they come scambio with us! That would be so fun!

Anz Jon Robert Bushman is my new comp. He is chill. He is starting his 4th transfer. He is one transfer above Anz Winegar. I'm gonna miss that kid but it was time for a change. And he's gonna do great work. He will be fine! But Bushman is way cool ! I was way sick last week during transfers (got food poisioning) and Anziano Bushman was a super baller and took real good care of me. He serves me so much it's a joke. He speaks super good Italian for someone in his group. Hes just got kinda the same problem as Anz Winegar and thats that he can work on his teaching skills some (but that is to be expected from new missionaries, I still even have a hard time, sometimes). He's learning and he's just gonna get better and better and he will be just fine. He loves chess so we play it a lot! It's pretty fun i like it.

So ya the work is going good. Luca is chill. Everything is going well. He came to our super sick activity Sunday night. We finally did our praying and reading activity in the mountains and he came. It was epic. There was such a great spirit there. It was a really spiritual expirience for everyone. Luca even said that it was good and he felt something so that's legit. He's making good progress.

We are also starting to teach Omas and Nick. They are these people that just showed up in church and have came for the last 2 weeks! They are friends of this sister who is super old but super sweet and she invited them to come and they've came ever since! They are way cool! So ya that's chill! And we got another cool acitivity where we are going to have a huge BBQ with the members Friday night so that'll be fun! So things are pretty chill at them moment!

So for the 4th of July we had d-meeting and then we wanted to do something together as a district to celebrate! So we decided to go out to eat all together. We went to eat at the most American place ever. Do you know where we went!?..... yupp you guessed it! McDonalds!!!! ha ha it was terrible, but that was the best we could do! ha ha Man I missed home a lot! It's OK next year I'll be there!

So I passed the 2/3 mark! It's super crazy. I've had so so much fun and have so many cool stories! I can't wait to expirience the rest of my mission because I know it's just gonna be amazing! I'm so thankful for my mission and everything it's done for me!! Man it's been great! And things are going well. It's just summer which sucks because it's one of the times of year when you think of home! But it's chill, so ya' that's a bit about here for now!

'll try to send my pics sometime soon! Thanks so much for everything you guys do!! I love you guys so so much! Have a great week! Can't wait to hear from you guys next week!

Love Anziano Bona

ps.... Don't worry about Brian. Let him have a little bit of fun! He isOK! Plus when he gets older I'll be there to keep him in line too! ;) haha jk!

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