Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Hey Mom and Dad
I am in the new city (La Spezia) and it is different than Ravenna..I just loved Ravenna so much that it was really hard to leave everyone and everything. I am sure though that I will love this new place too.
It is a huge port town. It's literally right by Cinqueterre. I bet we could do finding work there (in Cinqueterre) if we wanted to but we won't because it would be too much distracting! haha
My new companion, Anziano Winward is a really nice guy! He is from Logan Utah. He is pretty tall, not like Anz Mosely but still taller than me. I guess I am becoming just a little short fat guy now haha! He said his dad will probably add you guys on fb.... just letting you know! Anyway ...he is chill and I know we will be good friends! I hope that together we can help the Lord's work go forward and hopefully we will have a "Ravenna 2"!
The work here is really really slow. It's not that we have to start from scratch but it's pretty close! Don't worry, we are going to change that this next transfer. The branch here is chill.... there's a lot of cool people and I'm sure I'll grow to love them really soon.
Mom, It is pretty cool that you served with Brother Gianelli! He is the ward mission leader here! So I should be getting to know him pretty well! Last Sunday I had to give a talk that I didn't know about. Yayyyy for unexpected talks! :p haha The branch president just came up to me 5 min before sacrament meeting and asked if I was ready and I was like "hmmmm" (Honestly I thought what a heck??). I just grabbed the Book of Mormon that was in my bag, went up there and talked about how great the book is and how we all need to read it every day! No excuses!!! It seems like it went really well. I was a little bold but the branch pres said it was a good talk so I'll take it. In the branch there are about 50-60 active members, so bigger than Ravenna and there are young people here too, more or less our age so that's fun too! I'm totally not used to that but it's chill!
To answer your question....yes I am still the District Leader. We are in the zona of Firenze (Florence). In fact today for p-day we were at Firenze! I bought...guess what?  Some ties and just chilled with some kids from my new district. Anz Free is a boss! I love him and we are going to have fun. In my district there is us here in La Spezia, in Pisa there's Anz Giove and Anz Shurn and in Livorno we have Anz Free and Anz Stanley. It's going to be great!
I had a chance to talk to Anz. Lehnardt this week! Tuesday we had a leadership training in Modena and he was there because we are in the same zone. He is a good kid and he is doing OK. His companion is...different let's put it that way!
Anz. Mosely is chill. He sent me an email from home.
In other news... I got the wedding invitation for Jessie! Good for her and tell her the best of luck! My friend Ashley O is just funny haha but she's nice ...tell her I say hi too!
Ok so my new address is,

Via Chiodo 13
19121 La Spezia (SP)

To that address you can send me the memory card. For the mission home...well I don't know  I really don't care you can send me whatever you want like deodorant never hurts but I can live without if necessary.
I'm glad things are going well at home! haha It sounds like Brian is a boss now! Good for him just keep your eye on him ;) just in case.... Be his friend because that's what he needs at his the same time don't be scared to lay down the law if it needs to happen! At that age I was lame. I didn't like girls and I just watched TV, played video games and sports and that's it! I believe that is what I am going to do at the beginning when I get back home! I like this "not worrying about girls thing". Kinda nice. Girls are just problems better just be least at the beginning.
Thank you so much for your emails, love, and support! I love you guys so so much and  I miss you guys tons! But it's OK we all know that what I'm trying to do is awesome. I don't express myself on paper very well but I know that it is true. I guess I'm just a private person...haha. I do keep a journal. It's not perfect but I do my best to write at least 3 times a week. I love it. I really do! I'm almost done with one but I got one more so that should be good for me! Thanks though for your thought!
Well have a great week! I love you guys! Talk to you next week! :)
Love Anziano Bona

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