Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Friday, September 30, 2011


Dear Mom and Dad!

How are you guys doing!? Hope all is well there! Sounds like things are going well so that's good.

Dad thanks for your email; It was a good prep for this weekend. I'm stoked for general conference, it's going to be so great. It always is!

I am sorry to hear that Brian can't play basketball with that league .... but I understand how you both feel. It's hard for both of you but he is young and doesn't fully understand the financial stress so don't be upset at him if he is a bum for a few days. He will get over it and all will be OK! Just support him and help him to be happy! It is way cool that he made the top level team though! Man he must be a baller then huh? That makes me happy!

Things here are going well. This week seemed like a long one, but all went well except for yesterday! I hate when people don't show up for appointments! All is still on for our baptismal dates. They are for Oct 15th and Oct 29th. The 15th is Victor who is our super legit African brother. The 29th is Nicolo' who is a 12 year old baller! We teach them Monday nights and eat dinner with him and his fam. It's super sick! Then one Monday we had a chance to play xbox with him! We played Fifa 2011( soccer video game). It was so cool! I won of course! :) Nicolo's family is super solid and both should be baptized with no problems (i hope!)

I had the chance to see Anziano Barnes. The capi came to our district meeting this week so he was there! Don't worry i got a pic! They should be coming back here to La Spezia next week to interview Victor, so I will get a few more pics wit him. It was cool to see him.

Oh guess what? Speaking of pics.... I finally got your letter!! The one that had a little note for Anziano Winward too with the 2 memory cards? I finally got it! It was already open so I think someone probably went through it because it was a bit thicker. Nothing was missing so that's cool. I will be sending my memory card home soon!

Regarding Christmas, I don't need a big Christmas/birthday package. Maybe just a few sticks of deodorant and a few razors. That's it. I really am OK and I don't need anything else. We will talk more about things I need/want on Christmas! (less then 3 months!!).

I had a chance to talk to Alli for a while (who got my phone from the Anziani in Siena)! It was so cool to hear a friend's voice! :) We just caught up and we might be able to meet with her study abroad group in Cinqueterre for a bit! It should be great!!! We will get pics no worries!!! :)

About transfers I've actually thought about it a lot this week and I am actually really happy that my companion and I are still together. Anz Winward is a really nice guy and means well. We still got stuff we are learning from each other and we have a lot fun together!

As I said before I am really excited about this weekend. Conference weekend has become one of the best weekends of the year for me! It's a great time for us to receive personal revelation for the things going on in our lives. Plus it's great for our investigators to get answers to their prayers! I know it's going to be awesome! You guys should definitely go into it with some questions.... and if you watch it with an open heart and mind the questions will be answered! It's kinda like magic!!! ha ha I love it and it works! It is always nice to get a nice little spiritual boost! Everyone could always use a bit of that!!

Well I gotta go... I hope you guys have a great week!!!! Have fun! Love you guys so so much!!! :)

Love anziano bona

PS.... Facebook anziano bos and tell him to email me!!!! ha ha

Letter to Brian:

You are very welcome my friend!I love you so much...sorry that I couldn't much more for your Bday! Get something you like! I want you to be happy! T

he work is going really well, we are having fun and my companion and I are doing really well. The last few days have been kinda different because some people didn't show up for the appointments we had but we are keeping our heads up and we know everything will work out.

Great job with your school grades! Keep up the 4.0!! It makes me so happy! Don't forget school is so important but also work you don't end up fat like me...ha ha just jk!

Mom told me about basketball...well you made the really good team and that is awesome! That means you are a good player. I also heard that you can not play because it is too expansive. ($1300! wow!).I 'm sorry dude! Please don't be upset at mom and dad, they already do so much for both of us and they love us so much...but they need the money to pay for cars, house, food. You know we are not the richest people ... They didn't say no to be mean but just because they can't afford that. They love you ..I understand how you feel because I would be upset too...just try it to see it from their point of view! Again they love you and they are so proud of you! You are so good at basketball so keep at it....High school basketball is cheaper, so you just need to keep practicing! Don't give up...keep getting better and better and in the long run you will be fine!

I love you are so awesome! Have a great week ! Don't forget conference! I hope you had a great Bday!

Love you, Anziano Bona

P.S Mom sent me pics of your birthday! I saw some cute girls there :-) Do work Bro ! Ha Ha! jk!!!


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