Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Friday, September 23, 2011


Hello mom and dad!

It sounds like things are going pretty well! I'm happy to hear about brian and that all went well with his mouth... that's cool.

I will just answer some q's you had for me really quick! We are in a branch here. We use buses for transportation and i don't like that because I've pretty much been on bikes my entire mission and now this change is just weird. I am terrible about getting around because i dont know what bus goes where. Thank heavens Anz Winward is bravo with that stuff.

For transfers we are staying together. We got a lot of the stuff my companion needed all figured out or we just delt with it. This next transfer will not be as crazy with that type stuff!

Just as a fyi I never got anything that was supposed to come to the appartment. Could you send me another memory card so that i can send mine home? I got pics in there from forever ago. Send it to the home address. Just put it in a normal letter like usual.

Alli emailed me. I didn't get a chance to get back to her because we have been busy! The work is going pretty good! We got 2 baptismal dates at the moment. One with Victor, our african brother and the other with nicolo'. He is a son of a less active family that we reactivated. They are so super good. Both dates are set in October so it should be a good month.

There really isn't much to report on this past week. We got a little sick this past week with little fever but nothing too serious. Guess what!!!! Justin Barnes (an elder from our ward) is going be the new zone leader here in the Firenze zone! ha I'm stoked. I should be able to go on a scambio with him and we will see each other.

I know that this email is short but I can't find anything else to say! Next week will be longer. Overall things are going well. Just business as usual. I'm excited for Conference next week. a spiritual boost never hurts!!! In fact it's always needed! I love you guys tons! I hope all goes well this week! Can't wait to hear from you guys next week! vi voglio bene!

love anziano Bona

Letter to Brian

Dude! I saw your pictures! You look very good bro! I am glad you like it! We are working hard over here and doing work! We got 2 baptismal dates at the moment for October! We hope that it will work out! Life is good! I am glad you like school...keep up the 4.0 grade and do all the sports..why not? JUst make sure you love it! I love you and i hope you have a nice day and a good week.

Love you Bro,
Anziano Bona

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