Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I just did a scambio with Anz. Bona in Vicenza and I really loved it. Anz. Bona has become one of my good friends in the mission. He's really a great example of being kind and loving people and I loved hearing his perspective as he looks back just before going home. Hearing about his successes and lessons learned and also regrets really made me think about the way I live and serve. Anz. Bona is a missionary who knows how to have fun, and he also has a very sincere spiritual side. Looking back on it as I write I'm realizing how cool it is that I can spend time with another guy my age and talk about spiritual things and it isn't weird at all.

This was written to a mother by her missionary son who is serving in an area near Robert. What a sweet compliment and another tender mercy from the Lord.
Thank you my dear friend for sharing this with us. I know that it will mean a lot to Robert when he reads it.

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