Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Dear Mom and Dad

It was good to get your emails this week! Just to answer your question quickly, Yes Ben went to the office! We have sisters that serve in the office at Milano but next transfer they are going to be replaced by Anziani and Anz Lehnardt is one of them!!! They will be the new secretaries. He is gonna do great! It's cool too because that means he will be there my last night at the mission home!! That's cool I'll get to see him my last day!

Just as FYI, one of my suits is a bit tight!! haha But it will give me motivation to lose a few kg! I had to get a new one though because the other was destroyed. It looks pretty good! Yesterday for Pday we went to Venice for carnival!!! It was fun!!!! I definitely would love to go back there again during carnival when I'm not a missionary!!! Hate to say this- I am human- but I have to say there were some very cute girls! While I was in Venice I got a really nice mask. Funny story regarding this mask: so I walk into this super nice store with Anziano Portellano and all the other missionaries waited outside. This cute girl working there comes up and starts explaining all the stuff to me regarding masks etc. She tells me how these super nice ones are 40 euro but that she would give it to me for 35. I told her I would think about it. So I started leaving and she stopped me and said that if I would buy it right then that she'd give it to me for 30euro and a bacio (kiss)!!!! So I bought it right there and then!!! haha Sadly I had to decline the bacio though!!! I told her I was a missionary. If I wasn't a missionary it would of been tight :) haha so yes... i got a mask 25% off. Then we just went and took a giro of Venice. It was so cool to be there and see everyone all dressed up. I got cool pics. We went to the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch. It was so good. The burger was really amazing. One of the best ones I've ever had! Just as FYI I had to pay also for my companion. He said he will repay me.

Ultimately all the elders had fun and a great day!

My interview with President Wolfgramm was awesome. Right when I walked in he told me that this interview was gonna be different and that I needed to put my "going home hat" on. So I did :) haha He pretty much gave me 1/2 of my going home interview. It was really cool, he just gave me advice about school and work and marriage. I am not gonna lie it was interesting talking to him about girls! haha But he did actually give me some really good advice! It was also really amazing because while we were talking President basically quoted a paragraph from my patriarchal blessing. It was so interesting to me. He is so inspired. I really have come to love and respect that man. He also renewed my temple recommend so now I  have one so that's good too. I saw Justin and of course I'll get one last pic with him ha at the office when I have my final interview. In that meeting (our training meeting/zone conference) if you are going home you also go up and give your "parting" testimony. So I did that too. That's when it just kinda hit me that it's really all coming to an end soon. I have seen so many of my missionary friends get up there and now I just did it too. It was strange but good at the same time. Honestly I am gonna miss Italy and miss the things that we do here but at the same time I'm excited to see you guys and start a new chapter of my life :) haha

So things are good. 2 weeks left and they are just gonna fly because next week we are going to Rimini for Anz Portellano and some documents he has to get, then I have a scambio with my main man Anziano Free. Then I'm like done!!!! Man it is weird! Oh well! have a great week! I love you guys so much! See you guys soon!!! ciao ciao!!

Anziano Bona.

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