Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Anziano Bona arrived in Vicenza a week before Christmas.
He was so excited to be with Anz Duque, who would be finishing his mission the end of January.

There is a US military base in Vicenza, and a wonderful senior couple who server there,
Elder and Sister Maughan. They are from the SLC area.
They have watched over all the missionaries who have passed through Vicenza
and we are so thankful to them for all of these wonderful pictures.
Anz Bona and Anz Duque spent Christmas with the Maughan's and had a
traditional American meal and then spoke to us on the phone!
We look forward to meeting the Maughan's the end of 2013
when they will return home from their mission.
We are so glad they live in the SLC area.

Downtown Vicenza

Anziano Duque is going home. Last day to Milano.
Thank you Anz Duque for being such a wonderful companion and dear friend to Robert.
You're example of great faith and love of the Lord has been an example to all of us.

Welcome Anziano Portellano, to little America.
Anz Bona's companion is from France, and a really nice guy!
They seem to get a long very well....we have been told that he is also an amazing cook.
I suppose that is why I am surprised that he would want to eat American fast food.
Something different is always nice though!

Again...the Maughan's are always so nice to take the missionaries to the base on pdays
and treat them to some "yummy" food. We have been told that the greatest attraction at the eatery is the drink machine...all the free refills that you want. That is unheard of in Italy.
Oh the things we take for granted!

Two weeks!
Celebrating with banana spits, after a day in Venice!

I love the scarf look!!!

Last district meeting in Vicenza.....
The elders are already missing Anz Bona....

Obviously these boys haven't danced for a while!

Time to get down to business....
District Meeting!

One last photo together!
Thank you Vicenza!!

Last breakfast in Vicenza...
Elder and Sister Maughan took the elders to the base....
Helping Anz Bona get use to American food!

Bags all packed and ready to go!
Thank you Vicenza for 2 1/2 great months!

Hanging out at the military base in Vicanza waiting for the train to Milano...

Thank you Anziano Portellano!
It has been a pleasure.

Anziano Bona...
we will see you in a couple of days...

We are so proud of Anziano Bona and all that he has done over the past two years.
His life, and ours will never be the same.
Thank you to all those who have been his companion and for the influence
that you have had on him and for touching his life in a way that no one else could.

(by Judi)


Kynsie said...

Congrats Judi & Family!!! :) You made it!!! Hope it is perfect & a wonderful weekend with him!

tamy scheurn said...

Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures!! I have never met Anz Bona but I feel like I know him a smidge.... our son, Anz Rhett Schuern loved serving with your son!! Even tho I do not know your son personaly I could feel his testimony and his sweet spirit! You must be so proud of him...I just want to wish Anz Bona the best ever as he returns homes and goes forth in his life!! You have served well Anz Bona!! Congratulations to you and your family!
Love the Scheurns!